Already back to his old self

After the surgeon finished speaking with my sister and I, I was able to go visit Pablo in recovery at 6:35. I cried when I walked in there out of pure joy and I walked over to his bed and I got a 'Hey baby' from him. Made me cry even more and he asked the nurse to get me a kleenex. She thought that was the cutest thing.

He complained that his head hurt alot - understandably so - and then like the old Pablo I know, he asked me to get in bed with him. A whole bunch of nurses overheard this and they were all cracking up. I told him that I only had a couple minutes so that wasn't going to be possible. I kissed him and told him I would let him get some sleep and he begged me not to go which made all the nurses go 'awwww' and then I tried to sneak out when his eyes were closed only to get around the corner and have him yell for me to get back over to his bed. I let him be since he badly needed some sleep and to let the drugs kick in. He looked damn good for having just come out of brain surgery and obviously his speech wasn't affected because he certainly had no problem talking.

I can't even begin to tell you how elated I was.

My sister and I left the hospital and I went to pick up the kids at my younger sister's house. I was only there a minute when my cell phone rang. It was Pablo calling from the hospital. He sounded pretty drugged up but quite coherent. I told him that he could probably come home tomorrow and he didn't believe me. I told him again and again he said I was lying. I then passed the phone to Isabella and he said goodnight to her and she told him she loved him. He then asked to speak to my mom and my sister and then I said goodnight and we hung up.

10 minutes later, my phone rings. I answer and Pablo asked me to do him a favour. He asked me to find out the scores of the hockey play-off games that were on tonight. I told him the scores, said goodnight and we hung up. And that's my Pablo.

Thank you everybody. I really do love you all and thank you for being there for me and for my family.

(Dianne, the necklace worked some pretty good magic. Thank you.)

Off to bed I go...I'm exhausted.


  1. AH! HA! You didn't tell me he was a **SPORTS NUT** ... that explains everything!!

    I can't tell you how happy I am for you guys. I'm all teary-eyed and got a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart (which is quite different from the warm fuzzy feeling of my brown fuzzy fur :D ).

    BIG HUGS, Julia. Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite (my Dad used to say that to me every night before he put me to sleep when I was a kid ... hope it works for you, too). Love and healing and prayers for all of you.


  2. That's such great news. I'm happy to hear that. HOpe everyone gets good rest tonight, for better healing tomorrow.

    Sending love, T

  3. excellent news!!!! hopefully it's onward and upward from here on out :)

  4. I'm so so happy for you. I actually cried a little bit reading this: you seem to have a wonderful relationship with your husband :)
    This is really really good news. I believe the hardest part is over now :)
    Can I say that I love you and your family even though I never met you? Yeah I'm gonna say it: LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  5. YAY!!! Happy day! I am so elated for you and yours. Congrats on getting your husband back! Continued strength and happiness to you all!

  6. How encouraging! I'm so glad to hear that! Here's to a full, speedy recovery. =)

  7. bloomin' wonderful :)) big hugs and healing thoughts for a speedy recovery xxxx

  8. So glad to hear that everything went so well. It sounds like Pablo's spirit & sense of humor will help to get him through this journey...well, that and his wife's strength! I will continue to pray & give thanks.

  9. Oh honey, I'm so glad. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. There really is power in sharing all the love on the internet.

    Over the last year I've been through a life threatening illness, and I've learned that life is sooo very precious. Most of what we worry about and get upset and mad about doesn't even matter. Now if only I can wave a magic wand and get people to stop judging each other so harshly, stop yelling and to slow down a bit.

    Sorry for the tangent. This isn't about me. It's about you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story. Much love to you.

  10. Oh that is such great news! Been praying for y'all, and will continue to do so for easy and quick recovery!

  11. I love that he wanted you to get in bed with him--all I can think of are crude jokes about thinking with both heads! (Sorry!!!)

    I hope everyone got some good sleep and that Pablo is home as we speak. (And be sure to write down some of those drugged ramblings. You can definitely trot them out later!)

  12. Be strong and calm... I don´t know speak english very well... i´m from Brasil.. But I read desire to inspire blog and i´m writing only to say to you: All will be OK!!

  13. Can I tell you how much I love reading all your comments!!! Makes me that much happier than I already am. Big time warm and fuzzies Barb!

    I honestly love all of you and am so proud to have such faithful, caring readers. And Peggy, Pablo and I have said how much this whole experience is going to change our lives for the better. Life is too short.

    Thanks again all of you. The support that I've gotten here and on DTI has been truly amazing.