Family Photos

Here are some photos that my sister Kim took of us at my parents' place yesterday. Thanks Kim.

Pablo decided to cut his hair right down in preparation for the surgery. This made Isabella cry and she got real mad at him for cutting his hair. When we were driving to the hospital to pick Pablo up yesterday, she asked me if I thought his hair would have grown back already.

I'll be heading over to the hospital around lunchtime today. Today is going to be a day full of info and decisions. I'm bringing a notebook and a pen. I want to write everything down. I'm dreading today but at least I get to spend it with my wonderful, strong and loving husband.

Tonight I'll blog about what will be happening tomorrow...


  1. You are beautiful Family. I'm sendig you lots of happy & positive thoughts all the way from Portugal. Best of luck for today and tomorrow.

  2. Those are great--I especially like the one with Isabella in the foreground and Pablo in the background. Hang in there today. More positive thoughts your way.