My lil' monkeys on Halloween

We had gone to Old Navy October 1st to look for Halloween costumes for the kids and they had very few costumes left. All they had left in Isabella and Simon's sizes were monkey costumes so they matched this year. They were both as cute as ever.

It was really cold out - so cold that it snowed yesterday and there was still snow on the ground today (BLEH - I hate snow). My dad came to help me take the kids out while Pablo stayed home to pass out candy. Isabella and I lasted a bit longer than my dad and Simon and here is what Isabella looked like once I got her home and undressed:

I had said in my last post that I got the kids hair cut yesterday. They both got quite a bit of hair cut off (Isabella about 5-6 inches!). Here are some random photos I took today:

(Sorry - couldn't get any Gianna photos to post...)


  1. They are precious! And the hair cuts look great; that's a super cute length for Isabella, I think.

    I hope Pablo is doing better.

  2. Thanks Kristy. I think the length really suits Isabella - but holy crap it makes her look alot older!

    Pablo isn't doing a whole lot better...the recovery process is freaking long. He had an MRI on Saturday so we're hoping for results this week.

  3. Oh too cute. You could just eat them!


  4. Oh, I hope the MRI results show at least a little improvement. Sending prayers/positive thoughts/good juju your way.

  5. Katie - I munch on their cheeks all the time!

    Kristy - I'll take all the positive thoughts you've got! Very much appreciated. :)

  6. It's bananas how cute they look! ;-)

  7. And just wait till next year when we have photos of all 3 munchkins all dressed up!...You better be dressing Gianna up next year!

  8. Almost missed your comment Collette and how could I miss that humour of yours! LOL!!!