Gotta lighten up the mood around here

and this face does it every time...

Simon at the park (taken with Pablo's blackberry)


Pablo's surgery update

Pablo had his hernia surgery this morning at 8:30 am. It went well and he was home by 2pm.

As always, nothing is simple with Pablo.

His heart stopped during surgery.

Pablo told me this as we were walking out of the hospital.

There is a suspected condition in Pablo's family called malignant hyperthermia. This is a rare life-threatening condition that is usually triggered by exposure to certain drugs used for general anesthesia. Pablo found out about this condition just before his brain surgery. The hospital knew this going into today's surgery so they were prepared when Pablo's heart stopped. They shocked his heart only once with a defibrillator to get it going again. This has never happened to Pablo before.

So more bad news:

About 3 years ago, Pablo had a pilonidal cyst (on his lower back) that he had surgery to remove. For the last couple months, Pablo has had a sore lower back and he suspected that the cyst might have grown back. His surgeon this morning felt it and is pretty convinced that it is indeed back. Pablo was given the name of a surgeon  who will confirm if he does need YET ANOTHER SURGERY.

(insert LOTS of swearing here)



Pablo is having his hernia surgery TOMORROW!!! He went to see the surgeon this morning for a consultation and while he was there, someone cancelled their surgery for tomorrow. Pablo jumped up and down in excitement thus giving him the surgery slot for tomorrow.

Holy crap.

Our little rocker chick

Pablo and Isabella were in the car and Michael Jackson's Thriller was playing. It was already pretty loud but Isabella yelled from the backseat, "DADDY, I WANT TO ROCK AND ROLL OUT. TURN IT UP!"


Changes around the house

I rearranged some of the stuff on the walls in Isabella's room and here is what it looks like now:

A couple weeks ago, I repainted the main bathroom on the second floor (the one that the kids and I use).

The bathroom before:

The bathroom now (ignore the unironed shower curtain...I'm hoping steam from the shower will get those out cause I'm lazy):

I used leftover grey paint from the kitchen to paint the walls
I also changed up the mantle in the basement because I found it really boring:

Mantle before:

Mantle after:


Around the house

As promised, I took some photos of changes that I've made recently around the house and while taking photos, I snapped a few of the kids and our cat who, believe it or not, is still alive (my cat is around 17 years old and has lost so much weight in her old age that she probably weighs a couple pounds - she does seem happy - I would never make her suffer). I'll save the house photos for a separate post that I'll post tomorrow.

I'll start with a couple photos of my new hair. But in case some of you don't know what my old hair looked like, here is a photo from when I got it done last:

and now, here is what my hair looks like now (minus make-up because I don't plan on leaving the house today - lots of cleaning and laundry to do). I need new glasses (I've had these for over 4 years). So hard to take a photo of yourself...

And now some photos of the kids:

Finally, here is a photo of our cat doing what she does 98% of the time (I wish):


Pablo got a call from a surgeon yesterday. This surgeon will do his hernia surgery on April 19th! Pablo's only other option was to go to Toronto on May 3rd to have it done there. He would have to stay in Toronto for 4 days and it would have cost us some money that we don't have. Having the surgery here means at most he might have to stay at the hospital overnight. No big deal. Pablo hasn't even had a consultation with this surgeon yet - that is scheduled for next Tuesday.

I'm hoping to take some long overdue photos from around the house. And of my new hair. I've been extra exhausted the last few weeks so I just haven't had the energy to take photos, tweek photos and then post photos. So stay tuned. Now that I've said it, I gotta do it!


A message from Pablo

To All - I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read about our family, and all the craziness that has been the last year. Thank you to all of you who show your support to my recovery and ongoing health problems. More importantly, thank you for the kind, inspiring, and calming words and thoughts for Julia and I, in regards to Simon. I am glad you notice how loved he is, as is Isabella. We will love Simon to no end, no matter the diagnosis, and outcome of the therapy sessions. I must say, the best therapy for Julia definitely comes from all your wonderful and thoughtful comments here. It means the world to her to check this site and find endless remarks, encouraging her to stay positive, and look fondly to the future. As I say, if our family can get through what has been the last year, the future looks friendly!

What a world we live in now, where profoundly unknown people such as yourselves can read a blog, make wonderful comments, and pass on high regards, thoughts and prayers, and it feel so therapeutic. Thank you endlessly from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of Simon, Isabella, and Julia, for all of you. and don't ever hesitate to talk about your issues or problems, so we can return the favour, and try and touch up your day, if even only slightly.

Happy days to all of you! You sure make ours better ;),

Pablo (daddy)

Kids sharing a room

one of my favourite rooms - from style at home


du cote de chez vous
du cote de chez vous

du cote de chez vous



miha matei photography


spearmint baby
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