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We had to take Simon to the doctor this week - he's been having bad stomach aches for a few weeks now. The doctor doesn't think it's anything serious. She sent him off to have bloodwork done and we're waiting for the results.

Went on the hunt for winter boots for the kids. Had to find mitts for Simon which are hard to find in bigger sizes...all this because temperatures here dropped to below zero and we even saw a bit of the stupid white stuff (I don't like saying the 's' word, it depresses me). Can you tell I am not into cold weather?!?!?!?!?

Got in some cooking this week which was rough because the flu I was getting over had me wiped as soon as I got home from work. All I wanted to do was go to bed by 7pm. The first meal I made is a top five meal in our home (introduced to me by my sister who made this at a family gathering years ago) - baked rigatoni with bechamel sauce. Giada is a genius because this pasta dish is to die for (the photo below doesn't do it justice).

food network

Since the kids actually like and eat salad now (mainly caesar), I thought I would try a salad that was hearty enough to be a main dish - BBQ chicken salad. The kids picked at it but ate it. I freaking loved it and devoured my bowl of the deliciousness.


The kids were dying for a meat and potatoes dish so I made this pork with spicy apricot glaze. Unfortunately, I had to tone down the spiciness due to the kids. Boo. Everyone gobbled it up. Pork and any fruit go SOOOO well together. I made it with garlic roast potatoes and green beans. We had not a lick of leftovers.

little b cooks

I needed a quick dessert one night (had a craving for something sweet and I was all out of my fav ice cream) so I made cookies 'n cream pudding. Easy and yummy.


I didn't get a chance to make these pumpkin oatmeal cookies last weekend so I am going to attempt to make them today. Hopefully...

sally's baking addiction

I have some ripe bananas to use up and therefore, these banana muffins with cinnamon chocolate chip streusel will be whipped up today in between swimming lessons, grocery shopping and my niece's birthday party. The little pooper is turning 3 on halloween.

sally's baking addiction

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