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I would love to start one of these posts with only happy and jolly goings-on around here but I think that will be awhile....

Pablo had yet another surgery on Friday. This one was to fix his bladder issues. For a few years now, he has had scar tissue build up which makes it really hard for him to do something as simple as pee. I won't get into detail because it might make alot of you squirm. This surgery involved removing the scar tissue and replacing it with Botox. The kicker is that now every 5-7 months, Pablo needs to go under general anesthetic and have 40 injections of Botox in that area down there. Very unpleasant but whatever makes daily life easier and less freaking annoying and a pain in the ass.

And while Pablo had his pre-op tests, they found a heart issue - it looks like his bicuspid aortic valve has two cusps instead of three. Results are being sent to the heart institute and tests are being requested.

Little story from today: Pablo came grocery shopping with us this morning to get out of the house. He decided that he deserved some beer so we stopped at the liquor store on the way home and Pablo, cane in hand, went in to pick up what he wanted. While he was in line, a man asked Pablo if he had had knee surgery. Pablo quickly explained this past surgery and his other surgeries. The man was moved by Pablo's story, so much so that he bought Pablo's beer! Thank you Peter! You made Pablo's day!

In the midst of the chaos, I cooked some REALLY good meals this week. So good that I was glad for leftovers because that meant I could enjoy them again the following day.

My favourite of the week, hands down was cilantro lime chicken tacos. Amazing, to die for and will be made at least every couple of weeks.

the girl who ate everything

My second favourite of the week was baked mozzarella chicken rolls. Anything stuffed with ricotta is my kind of meal. The kids loved this too and even after I explained that the green flecks were spinach, they still ate it! I made it with green beans and roast potatoes.

inspired dreamer

I turned this next beef stew recipe into a slow cooker recipe because it was made Friday - the day Pablo had surgery. I wasn't sure when I'd have to go pick him up so I wanted to make sure I wasn't in the middle of cooking dinner when that happened. I basically put all the ingredients of this recipe into the slow cooker, added about a cup or two of tomato sauce, omitted the red wine and TADA - a super yummy slow cooker beef stew was devoured by all except Pablo who was too drugged to eat anything.

my baking addiction

Had to have pasta and this pasta with easy roasted red pepper sauce was perfect for a busy weeknight meal. I added a bit too much crushed red pepper so the kids found it a bit too spicy (weirdos). More leftovers for me then!

gimme some oven

Lastly, I was really wanting breakfast for dinner so I made banana and nutella stuffed french toast. We all loved it. Gonna have to try it for breakfast on the weekends too.

just a taste

Baked this afternoon after getting back from grocery shopping. Made baked doughnut muffins and brown sugar toffee cheesecake bars.

simply delicious

cookies and cups


  1. Dammit! Pablo sure has a lot going on... Sending you even more positive thought... and stealing your cilantro chicken taco recipe!
    I think you are doing great, you have the best attitude.

    1. Thanks Lor!!! It's been just insane around here. I am thoroughly beat....thank goodness I took next week off work (the kids' are on March break).

  2. The cilantro lime chicken taco recipe made me think of a new recipe I tried this week--honey lime chicken enchiladas. Soooooo good. I was only half joking when I told my husband this was the only way we were eating our chicken from now on (the honey lime part, not necessarily as enchiladas). http://www.katerecipebox.com/2012/08/24/honey-lime-chicken-enchiladas-and-green-enchilada-sauce/

    1. Jena - those enchiladas sound delicious! I pinned them so that I can make them soon. Thanks for the link!!!