recipes I've tried in the last few weeks

I'm having a total brain fart today and I'm going to chalk it up to being sick with the flu that the kids got last week. I am coughing up a lung and my nose is stuffed up. I ache everywhere and I just want to sleep for days...

I owe you folks a recipe post so here she is. Minus words. All the recipes below were good enough that I would recommend them so try 'em! :)

bacon and brie burger with spicy peach caramelized onions - climbing grier mountain

healthy one pan penne with broccoli - ifoodreal

marinated grilled chicken with cucumber watermelon salsa - iowa girl eats

cheeseburger flatbread melts - kevin & amanda

one pot salsa chicken - reluctant entertainer

spaghetti and meatballs - she wears many hats

skirt steak fajitas - apples and sparkle

greek yogurt blueberry muffins - baker by nature