More caravan goodies

Bought by Kim and photo beautifully taken by Kim. All for the good of the caravan.

Pablo, the kids and I went to Home Depot tonight to look for flooring for the caravan. Didn't want to spend a fortune...after all, it's just a caravan for the kids to play in. Couldn't find anything cheap although I kept staring at astroturf carpets... Anyway, then we headed down the street to Lowe's and found some peel and stick tiles that look like 80's style hardwood. $1.25 per 12'' tile so not too bad. We got home at the kids' bedtime and we left them in the car (the tiles, not the kids), hence why I don't have a photo to add here. Since tomorrow is Canada Day and a holiday here, we're going to go to my parents' house. I would like to get the interior painting of the caravan done and I'll take some photos of the progress and of the tiles.

Some Isabella funny

Isabella sneezed and said, "Uh oh. It looks like I'm getting a case of the bless-you's!"

Work on the caravan

Yesterday ended up being the perfect day to work on the caravan. It wasn't too hot and humid, and it was mainly cloudy (so I didn't feel too bad about missing swim and tan time by the pool). I scrubbed the inside of the caravan with Lysol disinfectant spray and hot water. This was exhausting. I was surprised how clean' the caravan was. I was expecting to use MANY buckets of water to get the caravan clean but it only took two. I think the previous owners cleaned it before they sold it to my parents. I thank them ALOT.

We picked up a can of Benjamin Moore - Cloud White with a pearl finish and I began the ridiculously long job of painting the entire inside of the caravan. All the walls and ceiling were covered in cheezy wood panelling - beadboard. HIDEOUS. With faux wood grain...horrible stuff. I have to say that even after one coat of paint, the caravan was looking amazing. I only managed to do one coat on about 85% of the inside before I called it quits for the day. It's going to look amazing with at least two coats - no more wood grain!

Next task is to figure out what to cover the floor with...


More finds for the caravan

My sister Kim called and told me to go look at Jo's Flickr photostream (her blog partner from Australia). I just about peed my pants when I saw a ton of amazing vintage items that Jo is sending for the kids' caravan. I was in complete shock and then the tears came...Jo is such a kind, wonderful and generous person. AND she has awesome taste!!! THANK YOU JO!!!!!!!!!!!! This caravan is going to look fantastic when we're done with it! (Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?!?!)

Here are the items from Jo's Flickr:

this colourful, gorgeous afghan:

brass bear wall hooks:

3 tier metal cake stand:

wooden butter/shortbread pat:

matryoshka goldilocks and three bears and wooden egg cups:

matryoshka cows:

matryoshka dolls:
wooden fruit:

toy kangaroo:

swedish horse:


flower prints:


little plastic christmas tree ornament frames:

plastic frames:

purple fake silk sari fabric:

crewel work cover:


I gotta thank Kim for these Etsy purchases for the caravan...

(pillow in front:)

2 yards of fabric:

4 placemats:

from these Etsy sellers: moxie thrift, made ya look, the vintage thread, the last two from pumkin truck

*** I'm hoping if today is nice enough outside that we'll head over to my parents' place and get the outside of the caravan washed down and then move onto cleaning the walls on the inside and possibly start painting the inside too!