Soccer on the deck

Isabella and I just came inside after over an hour of kicking a ball out on the back deck. Simon spent the time outside with us in his exersaucer and as usual didn't make a peep the whole time. So of course Isabella said and did some bloggable stuff:

Due to the fence being put in and the large amount of rain we got, the grass beyond the deck is really wet, soggy and muddy. We tried to keep the ball on the deck but on occasion it would land in the grass and I would carefully go get it. One of these times I made it back onto the deck and Isabella said, "That was heroic!" I even asked her to repeat it. She said it again quietly as if she had said a bad word. My little smarty pants.

At one point Simon coughed a few times. Isabella ran over and handed me the ball and said, "Hold this! I have to go burp Simon." So she ran over to him and started gently patting him on the back. She loves her brother. We also gave him a ball to play with and every time it went out of his reach Isabella would pick it up and give it back to him.

Just before posting this, I started choking on a Junior Mint and Isabella ran over and started patting me on the back. She loves her mama too.

Her majesty

I finished putting Isabella's hair in a ponytail and told her to have a look in the mirror. She had a look and said, "Oh, I look like the king's guard!" ??????????

The fence

We just got a fence put in in our backyard which is great for me so that I can have Isabella out back while I'm in the kitchen and not worry about her escaping.

Well the other night she was talking to her dad on the phone in our bedroom and said, "Oh daddy, you should see our new fence! It's the most beautiful thing I ever seen. Here let me show you!"

And she runs over and holds the phone to the window and says, "So, what do you think?"



Yesterday Isabella asked me what 'the mothership' was. I just sat there staring at her with my mouth open. She then went back to playing.


Isabella at almost 3 years old is now wearing a size 11.5 shoe. OMG her feet are enormous.

Simon coos and babbles ALOT. He is a pro at touching his toes now and is quite good at sitting up by himself.

Isabella LOVES to be outside - especially at Nonna and Nonno's house. She really enjoys gardening (? - she definitely didn't get that from me). The hunt is on to find child size gardening gloves.

Simon (at one week shy of 7 months) is comfortably wearing 18 month clothing. I am not sure his shoe size but his feet are huge too (even a salesperson at a children's clothing store couldn't believe how big his feet were the other day).

Isabella is wearing size 5/6. It is rare that any piece of clothing makes it past one season. Poor us ($$$).

Simon loves to stand up (with help of course) so maybe he will skip the crawling phase like his sister did.

Isabella can make Simon laugh no matter what she does. She can fart and he finds that the funniest thing ever. He never takes his eyes off her.

I got Isabella to eat a couple bites of broccolli and green beans the other night (that would be 2, yes 2 green vegetables). It took some bribery (okay alot) but who cares as long as I was able to make the miracle happen.


The tv

Isabella was over at her Nonna and Nonno's house yesterday. She was in the basement with Nonno and he turned on the tv.

She turned to him and asked, "Is this X-rated?"

Is she for real?!?!?!?!



I was sitting on my bed with Simon on my lap and Isabella sitting next to me. She decided to try to yank Simon off my lap.

I yelled, "Careful!"

She looked at me and asked, "Mom, are you frustrated?"

I burst out laughing and so did she.


I started doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred exercise DVD a few days ago. Isabella does it with me. She loves the jumping jacks. She yaps all the way through and tries to ask me all sorts of questions which I just can't answer because I'm too busy panting. She finds that funny.

I just told her we are about to do our exercises and she looks at me with a huge smile and says "Ohhhh, this is going to be so exciting!!!"

I'm glad one of us is looking forward to it...

Update: Isabella and I finished our workout and went to get something to drink in the kitchen. As I was pouring her juice she said "My armpits are hurting!"

LOL...I wish it was just my armpits that were hurting...

Room for more than one

Awesome book title

This is Isabella's new favourite book. Thanks Zia Kim!

Bedtime again

Isabella had fallen asleep in her bed last night but it didn't last long. A helicopter flew over the house and it was LOUD. The noise scared the crap out of Isabella who then insisted that she sleep in our bed.

She ran into our room and said, "Your bed is so comfy and gorgeous".

We burst out laughing and then she started laughing too and said, "Where did I get that from?"

The humour never ends...and we love it.


The cat

I was sitting on Isabella's bed tucking her in for the night when the cat jumped up on her bed. I said to Isabella how the cat had come to help tuck her in, to which she responded "The cat can't tuck me in Mommy, she doesn't have arms."


The babes

He can do it!

I was changing Simon's diaper yesterday and wouldn't you know it, he lifted his legs up in the air and touched his toes! Not only did this look pretty effortless for him (no moaning and grunting) but he actually had a smile on his face too! Everytime he was laying on his back yesterday I would ask him to touch his toes and he would do it. Very cool for my extra large boy who adores his cereal....so much so that when I try to sneak a bite of fruit or vegetables in his mouth he'll close his mouth tight. How the heck does he know when it hasn't even made it into his mouth?!?!?!?! He cracks me up.


As per Kim's request, here are some photos. The first two are of his chunky legs:

These next 4 pics document the work involved in reaching those cute toes:


Nurseries for multiples

What she thinks of her brother

Isabella sat in the rocking chair in Simon's room and asked for him to be placed in her lap. I did as I was told (LOL) and she gave him a squeeze and said, "Ohhhh, you are so cute and fabulous!"


Isabella was working on a Backyardigans puzzle and told her dad that there were pieces missing. Her dad asked what they should do and she said, "First thing, you take a deep breath, then you find Pablo."


The 'park'

All four of us went down the street to the 'park' (not so much of a park as a big piece of grass with a couple strategically placed benches) and Isabella and her dad were kicking a ball around. There was no one else in the 'park' but us. Out of nowhere this 7ish year old girl is standing next to Isabella.

Isabella looks over at her, surprised and says, "Where did you come from?"



I gave Simon a big mouthful of baby food for lunch today - peas to be exact. It was right at that moment that he decided it was a good time to sneeze. Just awesome.

Not afraid to voice her opinion

Isabella walked into the room where her dad was watching hockey and said, "Effin god, hockey again?"

We are thrilled....

Her version of 'tired'

Isabella was playing ball with her dad and hysterically laughing in the process. She stopped to catch her breath and said, "I'm all tuckered out!"


Good mornin'

Isabella had a sleepover at her Nonna and Nonno's last night and of course she made my mom sleep in the bed with her. God forbid she sleep by herself.

She woke up, looked over at my mom and said "Take me to your leader."


I have no freaking idea where this stuff comes from (Update: actually from an episode of Franklin) or what possesses her to say these things when she does - hence having to document the insanity here. Can't wait till Simon has as many entries here as Isabella does!



A few weeks ago, my mom ('Nonna') was about to drive Isabella home and my dad ('Nonno') was getting her all buckled in. Isabella has to have all her toys for the car organized just right but I guess my dad was messing up the order so my mom asked Isabella what was wrong to which she answered "Nonno is driving me crazy!".

Just wanna squish them both!


She doesn't miss a thing

All four of us were at Farm Boy this morning getting some groceries. Over the intercom we hear, "Cathy to cash one please. Cathy to cash one."

Isabella put her hands to her mouth and started bellowing, "CATHY! WHERE ARE YOU CATHY?! CATHY!"


I was standing next to my bed telling Isabella (who was sitting on her father's side of the bed) that it was time to go to her room for bedtime.

She pats my side of the bed and says, "Mommy here's a spot for you. I saved you a seat."


Quote of the day...

"I'm really big. I'm almost growing up."


I was trying to get Isabella to lay down in her bed for her nap but she kept getting up to fix her blinds, check for a noise, grab some books, etc.

I was getting annoyed so I said, "Today!"

She looked up at me and said, "Tomorrow!"

She wins.



Isabella always likes to help with the laundry.

I told her we had laundry to fold so she opened the dryer door and said, "This is a very big job Mommy. It's going to take all day." (don't I know it)

The kiddos

my big girl Isabella

my baby boy Simon


Last night

Again Isabella was put to bed in her room and 10 minutes later she came running into our room and got into the bed. By this time I am standing next to the bed ready to take her back to her room when she asks me to turn off the light on my nightstand. I told her I was reading and therefore keeping the light on.

While shaking her finger at me she said, "Mommy, you can read your book tomorrow. Now we sleep. Turn the light off."

I was pooped so I got into bed and turned the light off. She thanked me and asked me to turn around so I could face her.

I did and she wrapped her arms around my neck and said, "You are soooo cute Mama. I love you."

A few minutes later I hear her say, "I really like your bed. I like my bed but I REALLY like your bed."



Pablo is outside with Isabella and he is attempting to BBQ and play soccer with Isabella. He turned back to the BBQ to check the food and Isabella said, "I don't have much teamwork here!"

She's mine

Isabella gets on the phone with her Nonna and says, "Mommy's vacuuming cause there's dirt on the floor".

She is SO mine.



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