The side effect of radiation that Pablo was dreading...

Hair loss. It has started. Above and to the left of Pablo's ear and they told him at the hospital that the hair loss will gradually move upwards. Here is a photo of the missing hair:

And here is a photo of the other side of his head:

Pablo decided he didn't want to watch the hair loss patch get bigger so here is what he did to solve the problem:

And because I'm too lazy to start a new post, here a bunch of other photos I took:



Stuff they both said...

The other night, Isabella knew Pablo wasn't going to be home to put her to bed and when this happens, she always asks if she can sleep in our bed. I told Isabella that it was time to get ready for bed and she said,
"Mom, I think we need to have a little discussion..."

Isabella said to me tonight, "I want to cuddle with you because you're my mommy that cooks."

While I was making dinner tonight, the kids were sitting at the kitchen table watching a Dora video.
Dora said, "Say backpack! Say backpack!"
So Simon said, "Backpack!"
And I just about passed out.

(Keep in mind that Simon's vocabulary consists of MAYBE 5 words...)

Decorating with clouds in kids' rooms

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