And the day got longer...

I put Simon to bed last night and an hour or so after he fell asleep, he started coughing and within an hour, it was BAD. He was coughing like an old man and then not even an hour later, he was having such a hard time breathing. I was up all night with him and the coughing and breathing got worse. Now we are at the hospital with him.

UPDATE: We're home. Only took a total of 2.5 hours. Simon has croup. He was given dexamethasone and if his breathing gets really bad again, we have to take him back to the hospital. Now to try to get some work done...

UPDATE: Simon just got up from a nice, long, cough-free nap and I asked him if he was feeling better. He let out a little cough and said 'Nope'.


The long day we had

Pablo and I left the house this morning at 8:30 and headed to Pablo's first appointment of the day - with the surgeon for his pilonidal cyst. The surgeon agreed that the cyst is getting worse and requires surgery as soon as he can find a surgery time. He even told Pablo that he'll add the surgery onto the end of one of his surgery days or he'll bump someone to fit Pablo in. He says surgery will be before Christmas. The sooner, the better.

After that appointment, Pablo and I stayed in that end of town and went for breakfast since his next appointment with his neurologist was a block away from the surgeon's office. His neurologist was an hour behind schedule. Gotta love all the waiting. We're used to it.

The neurologist had a look at the newest MRI and luckily, it showed nothing serious, just some fluid buildup where the tumour had resided and a small cyst on his right frontal lobe. Both nothing to worry about. He did not have the EEG results but hopefully they will get to him at some point. Pablo's recent seizures were most likely caused by too much Nortryptaline which was counter acting with the Valproic acid - the anti-seizure medication. Doses have been fixed so hopefully there will be no more seizure occurrences and maybe Pablo can get his license back. Pablo has been having lots of dizzy and disorientation spells recently along with lots of upset stomachs and vomiting. The neurologist thinks that this could be due to the poisons of the pilonidal cyst. He is hoping that after the cyst is dealt with, Pablo will feel better overall.

We finally got home at around 2:30 and we were exhausted. We hung out with the kids, I made dinner and then the kids and I put together our traditional gingerbread house (from a kit - the same one as last year). I had promised Isabella we would do it tonight. Last weekend, I found a train gingerbread kit at the grocery store that I had to buy for Simon so tomorrow night we will put that together.

Besides an in home visit for Simon on Thursday for his speech, I think that's it for appointments...for this week anyway....off to bed for all of us.


I came home from work today to a couple of surprises...

Isabella's school pictures came today!:

A few mornings a week, Pablo and the kids would go to the Tim Horton's down the street from our house. That had to end when Pablo got his license taken away a few weeks ago (due to seizures). Pablo had told them about his recent medical issues and upcoming back cyst surgery so they gave Pablo a card (signed by a bunch of the staff) and a generous gift card for Tim Hortons! Thank you everyone at the Tim Hortons so much - what a sweet gift!

Another tooth gone!

taken with Pablo's phone on the way to catch the school bus

Eclectic kids' rooms


Homefront update

I've delayed writing this post because we've been waiting for results/answers to all Pablo's latest medical issues, ie. seizures, back cyst, etc. but it has been annoyingly slow even trying to get appointments with the various doctors.

Pablo hasn't been able to drive for the last couple of weeks and that has been hard on us since I've had to take time off work to help get Pablo to his appointments. Thankfully my parents have been helping out alot with watching the kids and helping to drive Pablo around. Not sure when he'll get his license back...

Pablo had some hearing tests done at the hospital the other day and his left ear is below normal in all the tests they ran. His right ear is fine. Sight tests in the near future...

I recently took Pablo to see the same surgeon that had taken out his previous pilonidal cyst and like last time, he put Pablo on antibiotics for three weeks and the surgery will follow soon after that. Of course, we have yet to be given a surgery date. This Tuesday, Pablo has an appointment with this surgeon again. If we're lucky, we'll have more info on the surgery.

Also on Tuesday, I have to take Pablo to an appointment with his neurologist. Pablo had an EEG and an MRI of his head done last week so hopefully the neurologist will have the results and have answers to Pablo's seizures and the crappy way he's been feeling lately.

Now for some kid news.

Isabella started soccer a couple weeks ago. It's one hour a week. She's had two practices and so far they have not gone well. She is really good at following the drills and she shows alot of skill but as soon as they start playing a game, she starts crying because no one is passing her the ball. We've tried to explain that no one quite understands the whole passing thing yet since her team is made up of 5 and 6 year olds but she still gets upset. I'm hoping she gets over this real quick so she can get the most out of these practices...and it goes till April...

Simon has had three in-home visits so far with Donna from OCTC (Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre). She is absolutely fantastic with Simon and we've learned so much from her visits on how to get Simon talking more and improving his vocabulary. Next on the list for Simon is full on potty training. We've been avoiding it and we can't put it off much longer. I have a feeling it isn't going to be very hard to do. Simon is a very easy going kid.

The kids are super excited for Christmas. Simon can sing Jingle Bells and freaks out with excitement every time we are out at night and he sees Christmas lights. We took the kids to a Santa Claus parade and they loved it - especially seeing Santa at the end.

The other day, Pablo helped Isabella write her letter to Santa. Isabella wrote the red part, Pablo the green (if it wasn't obvious...)

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