Optimize Your Kids Bedroom with Futon Bunk Beds

(This is a guest post)

If you own a house that has limited space yet you have more than one child, then no doubt you have played with the idea of getting bunk beds for them. Perhaps you were able to get by with having a regular bed for one child while the other child slept in their crib, or having both children in the same bed. However, there comes a time when as parents we must reconsider temporary solutions such as these to make way for more permanent solutions. Solutions that make better use of the limited space that is available.

 Sure bunk beds will solve the spacing issue while providing each child with their own bed; however, regular bunk beds are not always the best answer. The reality is that our children do more in their rooms than sleep and play with their toys. Their rooms also have to serve as the homework center, the entertainment area and more. For situations like this you’re best option is to acquire a futon bunk bed set. Futon bunk beds function in the same manner as a regular bunk beds; the only difference is that it has additional uses. For instance take a look at the picture to the left.

As one can see this bed has a number of functions that can perfectly solve the needs of each child as it:
  • Is a bunk bed for 2 kids
  • Functions as a couch when it isn’t being used for sleeping
  • Has a built in computer desk
 A bed like this has the ability to effectively maximize the space in any room with functionality and style. Please note that not all futon bunk beds come with a built in computer station. There are many different styles of the futon bunk beds as you can see in the picture to the right. This particular set has built in drawers under the futon.

Futon bunk beds are also nice when your children have ‘sleep-overs’, or just when several playmates are visiting.


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