Happy halloween and happy FIRST birthday to my niece Gia!

Gia had 2 birthday parties on Saturday. Because her birthday is on Halloween, it only made sense for her to have a costume party!

This was taken at Proulx farm, where we took the kids on Saturday. It was really cold and we ended up going through a corn maze that had us ankle deep in mud...

Took this photo at Proulx farm at the beginning of the wagon ride.

Friends of ours brought over these homemade red velvet Halloween cupcakes. BEST CUPCAKES EVER! Thanks Erin and Miguel!!!


Twiggy and lou

Not too long ago, I blogged about Sandrine and the fabulous job she did decorating her daughter's room. As a thank you, Sandrine sent me the cutest, handmade, paper garland. One was in different shades of blue and the other in girly colours. I ended up hanging both up in Isabella's room and that made Isabella's day! Thank you so much Sandrine!!! You can visit Sandrine over at Twiggy and Lou.


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