liv & ali's shared bedroom

The lovely and talented Niki of my scandinavian home (I've been a big fan for ages) has recently redecorated her girls' room and it is right up my alley of eclectic, scandinavian cuteness. I couldn't wait to show it to you guys! This is giving me the itch to redo Isabella's room...or move to Sweden...

my scandinavian home


goodies from brio

There is nothing like some solidly built toys - my favourite has got to be wooden toys for the kids. Brio - a company that I have loved for years - makes such gorgeous wood toys and were kind enough to send some for Simon - just in time for Christmas! I was so excited to hear from Brio because Simon loves his wooden train set and adding some Brio pieces to it makes it that much better! I made Simon wait all week before he could open them as I needed some nice morning light to take photos of him playing with it. Boy was he excited! Brio is 130 years old this year so happy birthday to such a fabulous company and a huge thank you to Brio from Simon. He loves his new wooden toys and has requested a few more items for his Christmas list! I better get shopping! :)


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