our new home

In August we moved from our townhome (which was a new build 9 years ago) into a split level detached home built in the mid 70's. We went from having very little yard and neighbours attached on either side to having a large, spacious yard and neighbours a good distance away. The kids just love our new neighbourhood and we felt at home the day we moved in. We've slowly been working on cosmetic changes at the new house - I've painted almost every room since August. Just this past weekend I painted the kids' rooms and all that is left now to paint is the master bedroom and the basement. I've been posting house pics on instagram since we moved in and this house is going to be a work in progress for quite a while as there is alot to do (lots of outdoor work to come once the snow is all melted). Here are some photos from my instagram

Simon's room (painted the same as his room in our last house)

Isabella's room

the living room

the living room - stairs going down to front hall and stairs going up to bedrooms

the other side of the living room with our sectional couch

the giant bay window in the living room and all my new plants - the cat loves the view from her perch

new media console and my grandmother's vintage sewing machine in the back corner

the dining room which is located between the kitchen and living room

painted the kitchen blue - and need to paint all the oak cabinets one day (and need new countertops)

this is a small 'den' off the front hall - this half of the room is used as an office (painted same blue as kitchen)

the other half of the office is used for extra front hall storage


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