just when we thought things were getting better...

Pablo had a stroke.

One day he complained of feeling out of it and disoriented. The next day he was telling me that he swore we had three kids.

He double checked that he didn't screw up his meds somehow.

This went on for a few days with no improvement.

Off to the hospital where tests determined that he had a stroke.

Now he's been back and forth to the hospital for lots of brain scans to see what might have caused the stroke.

Our worst fear is that the son of a bitch brain tumour is back.

The kids don't know anything yet. Not even sure what we would tell them...

The hospital wanted to admit Pablo but he said no. He'd rather be at home while they schedule the tests. We even took the kids to the local Santa Claus parade last night - all four of us.

I gotta take this week off of posting because I can't think straight. Sorry.

I'll add updates as they come.


28th am: We're still waiting for an MRI. We've been waiting since last Thursday.

28th pm: Pablo is back at the hospital. Possible MRI tonight and to get checked out because he's been losing the vision in his right eye since early this afternoon.

29th: The hospital can't do MRIs anymore due to Pablo's pacemaker so they did another CT scan but did it a bit differently this time to get better results. GOOD NEWS: the results show that the stroke probably made some scar tissue move into the hole where his tumour was...making it look as though the tumour was growing back. We're waiting to have this confirmed by a neuro-radiologist but this is FANTASTIC if this is the case. Now we just have to figure out why he had the stroke...

1st: Pablo spoke to a neuro-radiologist yesterday. Since the final scan was done about a week and a half after the stroke (now being called a mini-stroke - TIA) the doc couldn't say 100% for sure that what he sees in the scan is from this stroke or the stroke that Pablo had after brain surgery. He also CONFIRMED that the tumour IS NOT back. He too agrees that it is scar tissue. PHEW. We're so freaking thrilled. There is still lots of appointments to come with Pablo's neurologist, oncologist, etc. but we're over the hump and heading back to, dare I say, NORMAL?!?!?!?!? Pablo is feeling a heck of a lot better than he was a week ago.

I love all you guys, those who've left heartfelt comments and those who've been checking back to see the outcome. Your support is so important to us. I have the most amazing readers/followers and I owe you guys so much. Thank you.


Utzon Kids at My Urban Child

I just heard word that the Utzon Kids wave chair that I blogged about here is now being sold through My Urban Child!!!

And why is this news so freaking fabulous? - because you can get 5% off this chair if you use the promo code BOO&BOY5%!!!

What better Christmas gift / baby gift  / my kid needs a really funky chair in their bedroom or in the living room so all can see it gift ?!?!?!?

In case y'all forgot what this piece of art wave chair looks like. Here it is in all its beauty:

You're welcome for making your Christmas shopping that much easier!



Utzon Kids

I got a lovely email from Maiken the other day:

I am myself a mum of 3 - Daisy my youngest who you can see on the chair I made below and Flora 8 and Fred 10. After having Daisy I thought how sad I don't have any furniture from when Fred and Flora was her age she could use and what a waste to have to buy new stuff for her as most of the things for kids don't last. I like things that last, gives you memories when you look at them and gets character and history with time. My husband and I decided to create that and here it is…our first chair "the Wave".

We have just launched a Danish company, Utzon Kids, that makes exclusive made-to-order contemporary furniture for kids. It is a new vision for children's furniture that would look just as great in the living room as they would in your child's bedroom or play space. All our products  are/will be designed and made in Denmark, using the finest natural materials - we aim  to create a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to much of what is on the market today.

This chair is gorgeous and contemporary. Perfect for the modern home. I can't wait to see what other furniture pieces they come up with...


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