Some of the xmas goodies

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Ours couldn't have been better. Everyone got what they wanted and the kids behaved so well too (BONUS!). Tomorrow I am back at work, unfortunately. Anyway, I went around the house this morning and found some of the gifts that we got and took some photos:

i bought this amazing moose head for Simon's room from Cabelas. i also bought one (deer) for my niece as seen here.

in the next few weeks I'll post some updated photos of Simon's room (i have to go to our giant new Ikea very soon to get him a black roller shade to replace his ugly blinds)
bought these awesome shirts for Pablo and Simon from etsy store coup
i bought this print for Pablo from etsy - it's his fav book
i got a pandora bracelet with this charm from my parents

Isabella has wanted a globe for some time now and my parents got Isabella a box full of office supplies (her fav thing to do is write, draw, etc.). Now we have to get her a desk for her room to keep all this stuff. I was thinking of this one from Ikea...

Simon got his first remote control vehicle thanks to my sister and BIL

this is just a fraction of the games that the kids got...
animal planet set from my sister Jen and BIL

animal planet set from my sister Jen and BIL

a really cool Chuck car and track for Simon

Bruder log truck

I got Simon this vacuum because he loves to clean and it's not pink!

my aunt and uncle got Simon this keyboard and as you can see by the look on his face - he loves it!

we've had to talk about not sticking the whole microphone in his mouth....i was giving him a warning as I took this photo

we don't have overhead lighting for over our dining room table (annoying) so this was from my sister Jen and BIL

it's from Structube and it worked great on xmas eve when we had dinner at this table



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