my new tattoo!

I have been meaning to get this tattoo for 6 years now. 7 years ago, on Aug 16, 2005 my grandmother passed away. She meant the world to my sisters and I, so we all decided to get a tattoo in her memory - 'Nonna' which means grandmother in Italian. My sisters both got theirs while I was pregnant with Isabella. I waited WAY too long to get mine. The two birds represent Isabella and Simon. I know my grandmother is watching over them. I just wish she could have met them...

Here is my tattoo with a few before/during shots:

the finished tattoo!

after the stencil application

the first couple of minutes hurt like a b*tch, then my arm went numb and it was okay after that

letter outlining done

flared jeans

I'm so excited! I'm leaving work early (YAY long weekend and Isabella's birthday on Monday) to go get a TATTOO with my twin sister and a co-worker. This will be my third tattoo and I'll post some photos of it so check back later!

Back to flared jeans:


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