recipes I've tried this week

Oh what a week it has been...we had a family dinner last Sunday and ordered food. 24 hours later, 8 out of 9 of us had the stomach flu. We're thinking food poisoning... It took a good three days for everyone's appetites to be back to normal so I'm short a few recipes this week due to the chicken broth that was had a few nights.

Oh, and let me tell you about the snow. It just won't stop and I am thoroughly annoyed and sick and tired of it. I woke up this morning to yet another snow storm. We have had snow for six straight months and that is FAR TOO LONG. And far too many -30c days too. BLEH. I need spring to come soon....like tomorrow would be good. :)

Yesterday for the first time, I made spring rolls (with chicken)! It was a lengthy process but the end result was so worth it. I tried the recipe of my good friend Kasia over at my full house blog. I wanted just the right sauce to go with them - I had a typical vietnamese sauce in mind so I found this one and it was perfect with the spring rolls. Can't wait to have the leftovers today for lunch!!!

my full house

The night we all felt like our normal selves again, I made this creamy spinach tortellini. YUMMMMMMM. It got devoured quickly.

bombshell bling

Last meal of this week was crispy beef. This had a nice orange flavour to it and the beef crisped up nicely. Very tasty.

table for two

I had a couple brown bananas so of course that meant banana bread had to be made. Found this cinnamon crumb banana bread. It just came out of the oven and smells delicious!

little bits of...

Isabella mentioned chocolate chip cookies the other day so now I have had that on the brain and therefore had to try a new recipe for some. The best soft and chewy coconut oil chocolate chip cookies caught me eye. The dough is chilling in the fridge as I write this...

averie cooks


instagram saturday

new painting from high jinx in the living room
new gold heart etsy print // antlers in the living room
Simon lounging on a sunday // our buried BBQ
Simon and cousin Gia playing in Gia's basement //  cousin Adelina and my twin Kim
Isabella at my sister's place // Simon waking up
Simon and Isabella with food poisoning
strawberry cheesecake muffins // my fav breakie - cheerios and berries
me at work
my beloved Hunters which I have barely worn in the last 6 months - too cold...

new art in the living room

This week started off miserable (food poisoning...) but ended on a high note when I added some new art to the living room. The first new piece of art is from the etsy shop of Jennifer Chase. It's a beautiful simple shiny gold heart. This was to replace another etsy print that I noticed had somehow developed a stain and needed replacing. This gold heart fits perfect with our other pieces:

The next new piece of art came from a store called high jinx here in town. They have the coolest stuff and even better, some of the proceeds of their sales go to help the homeless. My sister Kim found this piece and she knew that one of us had to have it so I told her she didn't need more art, that I could use it in the living room. I decided it's new home would be on the buffet. I also added some photos that my sister printed out for me - my fav Simon photo and two of my 20 year old cat who we had to put down last year. The last newbie is a greeting card that again came from my sister from a local artist - Drew Mosley.

I'm dying to paint/stain this teak buffet. It's just too orange...is that wrong?!?!?!? It would look so cool painted black...


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