a boys' shared bedroom

Hannah of the blog Just Peachy, Darling sent me the link to her fun boys' shared bedroom. Complete with bunk beds, a sputnik light fixture, chalkboard paint, a reading nook and funky art and paint, Hannah did such a great job putting this room together!


pacemaker update

We FINALLY got some dates for Pablo's bladder pacemaker surgery. I pluralized dates because they are making Pablo go to Toronto this Friday for his pre-op appointment. God forbid they do it over the phone or some other way. AND they gave him a 9am appointment which means another overnight stay. It's about a 5 hour drive from our place to Toronto so not worth leaving at 3 am. We're going to make it a family trip so all four of us are going and we'll take them to the zoo or something. Isabella starts grade 1 on Tuesday (OMG I still can't believe it) so a good way to end summer break. Not looking forward to the drive there and back in two days with two small kids but hopefully they'll sleep lots and we'll have fun while we're there.

Surgery has been scheduled for September 13. It's a day surgery but yet again, is going to require Pablo to be in Toronto on the 12th. Can you imagine, bladder pacemaker surgery is a day surgery?!?! Let's hope the damn thing works or else back to Toronto we go...

On a completely unrelated note, since this coming weekend is a long weekend, I am going to paint Isabella's room. I am excited because it needs some sprucing up to match her new Ikea Kura loft bed. Stay tuned for photos.


Isabella's room redo...in progress

I decided a while ago that Isabella's bedroom needed repainting and once I came to that decision, I had the brilliant idea that she needed a new bed. Isabella's room is quite small and she has a double bed, two dressers, a desk and a wicker bookcase in her 10' by 10' room. While doing blog research, I kept noticing Ikea's KURA reversible loft bed and decided that Isabella's room really needed this bed. This way, she could sleep at the top and she'd have a seating area at the bottom and lots more floor space. We went to Ikea on Saturday and picked up the bed, a mattress, a duvet and a duvet cover (STENKLOVER). I'm going to repaint the walls soon - pink on the top and grey on the bottom with a white stripe separating the two. Not sure the exact colours yet but we did stop by Benjamin Moore and picked up a ton of paint swatches. The bed is put together in Isabella's room but the room is a mess, hence why I'm not posting any photos...yet.

Anyway here are a bunch of rooms that show off the KURA bed. I'm so jealous. I just love this bed. And thankfully, so does Isabella.

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