Qu'est-ce que f*ck ?

Cleaned up that title just a little bit. Title borrowed from my good buddy Collette (didn't take that long to use it now did it?)

Damn hernia.

Who would have thought something much simpler than a freaking brain tumour could cause so much turmoil and pissed offness (made that up too). To summarize all that has happened: Pablo gets a damn hernia, goes to the hospital where he sits for 14 hours only to be sent home because his case isn't urgent. He's given the name of a surgeon who Pablo was to get in touch with and maybe this surgeon could fix the damn hernia. Calls are made from numerous medical people on Pablo's behalf but guess what? This surgeon hasn't worked in a few years. It took us a couple days to find this out.

Pablo goes to his appointment at the pain clinic last week. Whenever that was - it's all a blur really. They get ticked off because they think this damn hernia is hindering Pablo's recovery from the brain radiation. Um, you bet it is. He can't do any physiotherapy because he can barely move. So last week was alot of phone tag which really went no where. Another surgeon was called but he was on holidays. Lucky bastard.

Today was going to be the 'figure this shit out' day before we go crazy. Even before I'd had my first coffee this morning, the pain clinic called to get an update: Pablo is in pain, like always, and knows nothing concerning surgery for the damn hernia. Pablo gave them a name of yet another surgeon who he heard fixes damn hernias and they said they'd try to contact the guy. If this was not to work out then Pablo was to take his ass back to Emergency. Joy.

We got a call a little while later - Pablo was to go to Emergency. More joy and happy thoughts. Off he went and an hour and a half later, Pablo called me to go pick him up at the hospital. Those of you familiar with Ottawa Emergency rooms (Dianne in particular), know that you might as well bring a good book and a sleeping bag because you are going to spend the good part of a day waiting. I was in shock. I guess they took Pablo seriously this time.

So here's what was said by the doctor who saw Pablo. Pablo is to call the surgery department at the hospital tomorrow morning and he'll be given the name of a surgeon who he is to call and get a consultation. From this consultation, he can then be scheduled for surgery. I am really confused why this didn't come from his first Emergency room visit for the damn hernia...

Anyway, the doctor said that it might take months for the surgery to happen. Qu'est-ce que fuck? Excuse me?

He did provide Pablo with an option. There is a hospital in Toronto that specializes in damn hernias - Shouldice Hospital. (If anyone out there has opinions on this place then please share). They could probably take him real quick - like maybe, possibly this week. That quick. It wouldn't cost us any money for the surgery (covered by OHIP but I gotta check my insurance coverage for his hospital stay ) - we just have to get Pablo to Toronto and back home. He would have to stay for four nights.

Tomorrow Pablo will call to see about a consultation and then he will call the Shouldice Hospital. Tomorrow Pablo has his follow-up appointment with his urologist for the bladder tests he had a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to more good news!!! :)

Collette - I'm thinking I'm gonna need another title for the next post because knowing our luck........


Pablo saw his urologist this morning and was told that he has the bladder of a 4 year old. His urologist wants the damn hernia taken care of ASAP. (Join the club). He thinks that it might be affecting Pablo's peeing issues. He got Pablo a consultation with a surgeon on April 4. He pulled some strings because only waiting a month for a consultation is REALLY GOOD.  He also hinted that the surgery might happen soon after the consultation.

That hospital in Toronto can't take Pablo till mid-April. POOH. So where did the 'real quick' come from?!?!?!?! Maybe that is real quick in the medical world?!?!?! 

The house that lexie and casper fixed up

Back in December, I blogged about Lexie's house. A most fabulous house in San Francisco - which is why I am jealous of Lexie. Lexie and her husband are now selling this gorgeous house because they are moving to Norway!

Here's some background about their home: it's an 1896 Victorian which they completely renovated back in 2006 (Lexie's husband, Casper, is a very talented architect). This house won the 2009 California Homes & Design Residential Interior Award and it's even been featured in the NY Times. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and is just over 2600 square feet. It's got a catwalk, a reclaimed butcher block staircase and a master suite to die for. Enough said because I'm drooling all over the keyboard. The link to the house is here and now I present, the house I wish was mine:


Enzo Mari fruit art

I was going through my kids' room photos and noticed some cool art. After googling it, found the artist to be Enzo Mari - La Pera and La Mela. Bold, colourful and fun.

real estate

marie claire maison



Madison's reading nook

Sabrina, a friend and co-worker of mine, sent me photo of her daughter's newly completed reading nook. I so wish I had a space like this in our house - and not just for the kids, but for me!

For Lexie

A friend of mine, Lexie, introduced me to Tubtrugs the other day and I fell in love. I love anything that makes my home more organized (at an affordable price) and I hope to one day actually find some at a store near me...

herz kaspar

The mixer of all mixers

I often find myself looking for dinner ideas on The Pioneer Woman and when I went perusing there last, I came across the following photo that just about gave me a heart attack.

I present, the most beautiful mixer on the planet:

This REALLY puts my cream coloured one to shame...


And we wait...and wait some more

I'm really not a patient person. I thought I was but the last year has changed me. Geez, I wonder why. So now we are waiting to find out when Pablo can have his goddamn hernia operated on so that we can go through yet another recovery period added on to the recovery period that is till ongoing from the radiation. Wow, I am in a really pleasant mood this evening. At least Pablo's doctor from the pain clinic agrees that Pablo's case is not normal and he needs surgery ASAP. He put in a call and I hope he can make things happen. Pablo's family doctor too is going to put in a good word for urgent surgery. Still waiting though and waiting is the shits.

Funny thing happened to me today. Just so I don't bring you all down with me - I gotta lighten up this post.
I was sitting at the desk in the basement working away and Simon wanted to sit in my lap. I picked him up, put him in my lap and put on Stuart Little 2 so that I could get back to work. Simon put his head on my shoulder and began watching the movie. After a few minutes, there was a song in the movie and I started to sing along with it and Simon looked up at me and said 'Shhh' and put his finger up to my lips. I know I am a horrible singer but wow! This made us both laugh. Too cute.

Happy anniversary mom and dad! - from the four of us.

Almost forgot - y'all have got to check out this video! Thanks Kim! (found via my fav and my best)

Emma's room

Hollie did an OUTSTANDING job redoing her daughter Emma's room - changing it from a nursery into a toddler room. She blogged about it on her blog -  and baby makes three. I love the bed, and the sheepskins are my latest obsession and that dresser!!!...


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