As I write this, Pablo and Isabella are sitting in their seats at the Toronto Blue Jays game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. I just got off the phone with Pablo and he quickly told me all the free stuff they gave him and sometime around the 5th inning, they are going to announce Pablo as the winner of the MVP dad contest and he'll be asked to stand so that they can put him on tv! Boy is he excited.

And now I am off to enjoy a night alone with just me and the boy!

UPDATE: They just showed Pablo and Isabella on tv and mentioned how Pablo won the contest and that is why they are sitting in the squishy, comfy seats. I paused the tv and pointed them out to Simon and he let out a few shrieks. Too funny. I am REALLY hoping that Isabella sleeps for the long car ride home after the game because she has to be at school tomorrow at 8:15 am for her LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! (She brought home an awesome report card Monday, my little smarty pants)

UPDATE: Photos!

The Beetle Shack

Check out this gorgeous home! It belongs to Emily from the blog the Beetle Shack. I just love her son's room but then I saw photos of her kitchen and master bedroom and I fell in love with those rooms too and just had to share:


Look what I brought home today!

The newest addition to my collection (this is antler #3):

isn't she a beauty?!?!?!?

I most certainly must thank Jim for finding the antler (hopefully not stuck in a tractor tire) and Laurie for stuffing it in her suitcase and lugging it from Alberta back to Ottawa. You guys are the best!!!

Girls' rooms


The insanity of the next week

Pablo got a call from the Toronto Blue Jays a couple days ago. Because he won the MVP Dad contest, they invited him to go to next Tuesday's game. He's taking Isabella and they are driving to Toronto Tuesday morning. Because Wednesday is Isabella's last day of school, he'll have to make the 4-5 hour drive home right after the game (and hopefully she sleeps the whole way).

As soon as Isabella is done school Wednesday morning, the four of us were planning to go to my sister's cottage Wednesday and stay overnight and come home Thursday night.

Friday is Canada Day. We have no clue as to what we are doing that day outside of the house (nothing is open) but I do have to clean the house and do some baking because...


Starting this weekend, the insanity starts. Last night we went to pick up a few gifts for Isabella. Today I want to look for a birthday outfit for her and some other odds and ends for the party. Tomorrow we have to get groceries and go to my parents' for dinner. I think we have about 4 loads of laundry to do too. Isabella has had a cough and cold the last 3-4 days and Simon was up about 5 times last night with a stuffy nose. I am praying that the kids get better within the next couple of days.

Completely unrelated to the activities of the next week - Pablo had to reschedule an appointment with his urologist and when he was on the phone with his office, they confirmed that the blood test results for his tumour cluster came back benign - hence why they didn't call. They only call if it's bad news. I hate that 'rule'. Finally some good news.

Off to shower and get this day started. It's gonna be a busy one.

Random photo


Industrial, vintage kids' furniture

Katalin, an interior designer from Hungary, emailed me a link to some cool, industrial kids' furniture. Here are some of the photos from the site, artkraft.


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