another surgery confirmed

this past week, Pablo had video testing on his bladder. he has been having issues in that area for ages and it drives him crazy. it`s gotten so bad that he`s had to self-catheterize at certain points. he`s even been to the hospital because that didn`t even work. anyway, his urologist scheduled this appointment for video testing months ago and Pablo has been patiently waiting for it to happen and to finally get answers.

without trying to give too much detail, during the testing they filled his bladder and he couldn`t pee. that confirmed it right there. his brain tumour (discovered almost two years ago) has done some real damage to his urinary system.

he now needs ANOTHER surgery. he needs to have a pacemaker put on his bladder. date to be confirmed.


fur we saw this winter

Now that spring is officially here and weather here in Ottawa is absolutely inconsistent - 30 degrees celsius one day
(86 F) and -8 degrees celsius the next (17 F), I thought I'd post outfits that incorporate fur. Today is a cold day here and I wish I had a really cute faux fur coat to wear...

5 inch and up

rebel attitude

the blonde salad

le blog de betty

caroline's mode

et pourquoi pas coline

fashion zen

caroline's mode

wendy's lookbook
caroline's mode

caroline's mode

the blonde salad

the blonde salad

atlantic pacific

caroline's mode


Quinn's nursery

Hope sent me some photos of her daughter Quinn's room. It's so deliciously sweet and girly. Fab job Hope!


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