Top 15 kids' rooms

I went through my large stash of kids' room photos and chose what I believe to be the top 15. ENJOY and BYE BYE to the worst year that we've ever had! 2011 - be good to my family and I please!!!

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Somethin' funny

Me: "Isabella, are you ready for dinner?"

Isabella: "I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

So I took that as a yes.


I guess we were good this year because we all got everything that was on our lists. Here are some photos of the really cool stuff. Some gifts that I didn't take pics of: personalized license plates from Pablo to me, Lululemon pants from my parents to me (my first pair!), my parents got Pablo a children's book written by Obama (Pablo is obsessed with him), Pablo got a vintage looking Blue Jays jersey, the kids got some super cute clothes and again, Simon got a whole bunch of things on wheels.

a superhero cape for Isabella from Zia Jenny/Zio Dave

awesome shirt for Isabella from my parents

This brought back alot of memories. From Zia Jenny/Zio Dave
I bought this for Isabella on etsy - carousel belle

for Isabella's room from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff (from etsy store no small plans)

crocheted bunting for Isabella's room from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff (from etsy store little tea wagon)

for Isabella's room from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff again from etsy store little tea wagon

I found this on etsy (mail order vintage) for Isabella's room

this is a fabulous vintage barbie carrying case from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff for Isabella from etsy store 1 fine day

the inside of the barbie case - so cool

Kim/Jeff also got her this black vintage tray and a couple red plastic trays from the the same etsy store as barbie case
a really cool truck from my parents

Simon got his own superhero cape from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff

lumberjack pillow for Simon from etsy store Always April from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff

a jeep puzzle from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff (Jeff owns a jeep)

a tree puzzle for Simon from Zia Kim/Zio Jeff (both puzzles from etsy store Puzzimals)
Pablo got me this frame for the upstairs hall...need to figure out what photos to put in it

the kids go the cookie plate from my mom and used it Christmas Eve. The others are for me from my folks. I've been dying for a dutch oven/crockpot for AGES.
And the best gift of all:

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Hunter boots! Now I just need to get the socks to go in them so that I can wear them through the winter. They are so fantastic! Thanks to Jen (and my parents) for these!

Here are some stockings that I bought from Etsy store coffeepurse. They are fantastic, well made and very reasonably priced. I ordered them a few days before Christmas and figured we'd start using them next year and to my surprise they came on the 23rd!


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