Spring/Summer Footwear for Boys

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While the weather outside may well be still drab and dull, we can look forward to the fact that spring will soon be upon us. Whether you’re planning an early summer break away, or are just looking forward to having fun with the kids in the Easter holidays, you’ll want to make sure that they’re kitted out when it comes to footwear.

It might seem like you’ve only just bought the winter boots and the wellingtons, but it’s a fact of life that kids need different shoes for different seasons. Get your boys shoes at George at ASDA and kitting them out doesn’t have to break the bank.

Either take this handy shoe shopping list to the supermarket when doing your weekly shop, or check out the range available at George online – whatever is most convenient for you. The 100 Day George Guarantee means that you can make your purchases with the peace of mind that, should the fit or the style be not quite right for your little monkey, you can take them back without quibble.

Canvas Shoes
Canvas shoes are a good lightweight solution, that is ideal for taking on holiday as they won’t eat too much into the baggage allowance. They also look good both day and night, as a smart or casual solution.

A pair of simple lace-up canvas trainers in black, blue or red cost just £6 at George, or choose a lace free canvas pump for just £5. For evenings, high top canvas trainers in grey look good with chinos or denims.

High Top Trainers
The shoe style of the year, the high top, is sure to still be going strong for spring, so make sure your kids are the coolest around. Younger boys will love the black and white Velcro strap high tops with contrast green trim at George (£9), whereas older boys will like the lace up version (£12).

Playing Out Trainers
One of the best things about the arrival of the warmer weather and the lighter evenings is that kids can play out. Whether the football field, the park or the skate park is their hangout of choice, it’s pretty safe to say that they’ll be getting into plenty of scrapes.

Don’t let them ruin their smart shoes. Pick up playing out trainers for as little as £5 from George, so they don’t have to worry about scuffs or mud.

Sturdy Sandals
A sturdy pair of leather sandals are essential for keeping little feet cool and comfortable, and especially important if taking a hot weather holiday. Get feet measured to prevent toes overflowing over the edge of the shoe, and make sure that sandals chosen are sturdy yet flexible enough to walk, run and play in.

Check with your child’s school as to whether leather sandals are appropriate footwear, for maximum wear from your purchase.

Flip Flops
Another holiday must buy, flip flops can be squashed into even the fullest suitcase or rucksack. They’re ideal for slipping on for the beach or the pool, although they’re not the best for running around in the park in.

Flip flops can be picked up cheaply for just a few pounds, but try to limit the amount of time your child spends wearing them as they’re not the most supportive items of footwear available! The same goes for Croc-style shoes.

When you get your boy’s shoes at ASDA you can kit the kids out with all that they need for the spring/summer season for less than you might think – leaving plenty of spends for summer holidays and fun days out!


warm sun and sandy beaches, here I come!!!

Tomorrow my twin sister and I are off to visit our folks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our parents have been vacationing there every winter for years. I've been there before a couple times but it's been over 10 years I think since my last visit. My sister was there a couple years ago and the photos below are from her trip there. I am so excited to go where there is no snow and no need to bundle up just to go get the mail. LOL! Anyway, I've got posts all ready to go so you guys won't even know I'm gone! See you all next week!

all photos from my sister's flickr


a few end of season clearance deals

I'm all about a really good deal and very rarely pay regular price for anything. End of season sales are my specialty. My latest favourite site to scour deals is the Bay department store. They recently have started selling designer brands (including TopShop!!!) and even designer stuff ends up on clearance. A couple weeks ago I found a couple pairs of Joe's Jeans in their clearance section and couldn't resist because the price was ridiculous. The first was the Skinny Coated Wax Denim with Sheen in copper - regular price $265 - I paid $60. The second pair was the Skinny in Blue Leopard - regular price $250 - I paid $56.

Then, a few days ago, I was back on the Bay's website and found some Puma's on sale - regular price $120 - down to $24!!! I picked up two pairs for me and two for my sister.

these two are for me - The Puma Abbey

I also got a second pair of these for my sister
these are for my sister - the Puma Yalu
Pardon the quality of the photos as I quickly took them with my phone...and now back to packing for my trip!

A Marinello Experience

When pursuing a career path that will meet your expectations in life, it is important to be able to identify what makes you happy in terms of career choice. Passion is one of the key ingredients to help you succeed in what you do. Luckily for many, the decision of choosing what they want to do for a living comes very easily. These individuals commonly exhibit great enthusiasm in their field of interest since childhood. For others, it takes some time to be able to identify their interest in a particular field. In any event, Marinello is a Santa Clara beauty school that prepares its students to excel in the world of beauty for those who decide to enter this field.

Marinello has been in business for over 100 years, and is accredited by the Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Marinello has grown into one of the most popular schools all over the country. With different locations in the areas of California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah, there is no excuse to miss the opportunity of being part of our school.

Marinello, a well-recognized cosmetology school in Santa Clara offers different programs of interest in the field of beauty such as: esthetics, manicuring, nail technology, facial and body treatment, barbering, hair design, massage therapy, teacher training, and specialty workshops. Esthetics include everything related to the care of the skin, while in manicuring nail technology our students will learn how to make different nail designs and will also learn about the importance of nail anatomy, products utilized in the nail industry, and how to apply acrylic nails. Facial and body treatments is also another one of our programs, where students learn about the latest treatments utilized in the caring of the face and body. In our barbering program, students will be capacitated in everything pertaining to cutting and trimming hair. But if you have a keen interest for getting an education in massage therapy, our comprehensive massage therapy program offers the most revolutionary techniques in Swedish massage, advanced circulatory massage, connective tissue, and deep tissue massage. Also, our school offers programs in the area of teacher training and specialty workshops. Our teacher training program prepares students on: grading, lesson planning, effective communication, and classroom management. Finally, the specialty workshop program offers general knowledge and hands-on training in makeup, skin, and hair. Each of our programs prepares students in areas of high demand.

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The Benefit of Sunrooms

Are you someone who enjoys the outdoors? The only problem with that is, if the weather is cold or raining, it's not much enjoyment. If you have an existing patio or porch area, you can transform this into a year round, inviting sunroom.

Or, if you don't have an outside patio, building a sunroom will let the outdoors come in. Sunrooms provide protection from the elements, and many nasty little critters that can spoil your outdoor experience. You know what I mean, the annoying little gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and other insects that damper your outdoor experience.

Sunrooms are beautiful additions to your home that provide a pleasant atmosphere for year round enjoyment. If you love gardening, it’s a perfect place to have an indoor flower or vegetable garden all year long!

In the summer, sometimes it is just too hot to go outside to work in your garden, or sit on your back patio. The bugs and gnats drive you crazy, or it's just too hot to be out in the direct sun.

A sunroom installation can solve these problems. You can raise a few, or all of the many windows, letting in the fresh air, the smell of flowers and the outdoors. While the window screens keep out the un-wanted, flying visitors.

Electrical and lighting can be installed during the installation. Late in the afternoon or in the cool evenings it's a favorite place to be, for relaxing, reading a book, or watching television.

You will suddenly find yourself spending much of your time in your new, favorite room of the house. Even on chilly nights, by adding a space heater, you can enjoy it as easily as being indoors. In hot weather you can use a portable air-conditioner to help keep it comfortable.

By adding a portable air-conditioner or space heater, you can enjoy your new outdoor living space all year long. All those flowers you love to grow can be brought inside in pots, to enjoy all winter.

It’s a great place to get an early start on your vegetable garden too. You can start seedlings early in the year. When it is warm enough outside, move them outdoors and transplant. You will have a jump start on a wonderful garden.

Yes, a sunroom installation can create a year round room that you can enjoy year in and year out. It is an investment in your home and property value, which will increase over the years.


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