A Marinello Experience

When pursuing a career path that will meet your expectations in life, it is important to be able to identify what makes you happy in terms of career choice. Passion is one of the key ingredients to help you succeed in what you do. Luckily for many, the decision of choosing what they want to do for a living comes very easily. These individuals commonly exhibit great enthusiasm in their field of interest since childhood. For others, it takes some time to be able to identify their interest in a particular field. In any event, Marinello is a Santa Clara beauty school that prepares its students to excel in the world of beauty for those who decide to enter this field.

Marinello has been in business for over 100 years, and is accredited by the Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Marinello has grown into one of the most popular schools all over the country. With different locations in the areas of California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah, there is no excuse to miss the opportunity of being part of our school.

Marinello, a well-recognized cosmetology school in Santa Clara offers different programs of interest in the field of beauty such as: esthetics, manicuring, nail technology, facial and body treatment, barbering, hair design, massage therapy, teacher training, and specialty workshops. Esthetics include everything related to the care of the skin, while in manicuring nail technology our students will learn how to make different nail designs and will also learn about the importance of nail anatomy, products utilized in the nail industry, and how to apply acrylic nails. Facial and body treatments is also another one of our programs, where students learn about the latest treatments utilized in the caring of the face and body. In our barbering program, students will be capacitated in everything pertaining to cutting and trimming hair. But if you have a keen interest for getting an education in massage therapy, our comprehensive massage therapy program offers the most revolutionary techniques in Swedish massage, advanced circulatory massage, connective tissue, and deep tissue massage. Also, our school offers programs in the area of teacher training and specialty workshops. Our teacher training program prepares students on: grading, lesson planning, effective communication, and classroom management. Finally, the specialty workshop program offers general knowledge and hands-on training in makeup, skin, and hair. Each of our programs prepares students in areas of high demand.

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