a few end of season clearance deals

I'm all about a really good deal and very rarely pay regular price for anything. End of season sales are my specialty. My latest favourite site to scour deals is the Bay department store. They recently have started selling designer brands (including TopShop!!!) and even designer stuff ends up on clearance. A couple weeks ago I found a couple pairs of Joe's Jeans in their clearance section and couldn't resist because the price was ridiculous. The first was the Skinny Coated Wax Denim with Sheen in copper - regular price $265 - I paid $60. The second pair was the Skinny in Blue Leopard - regular price $250 - I paid $56.

Then, a few days ago, I was back on the Bay's website and found some Puma's on sale - regular price $120 - down to $24!!! I picked up two pairs for me and two for my sister.

these two are for me - The Puma Abbey

I also got a second pair of these for my sister
these are for my sister - the Puma Yalu
Pardon the quality of the photos as I quickly took them with my phone...and now back to packing for my trip!

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