My lil' monkeys on Halloween

We had gone to Old Navy October 1st to look for Halloween costumes for the kids and they had very few costumes left. All they had left in Isabella and Simon's sizes were monkey costumes so they matched this year. They were both as cute as ever.

It was really cold out - so cold that it snowed yesterday and there was still snow on the ground today (BLEH - I hate snow). My dad came to help me take the kids out while Pablo stayed home to pass out candy. Isabella and I lasted a bit longer than my dad and Simon and here is what Isabella looked like once I got her home and undressed:

I had said in my last post that I got the kids hair cut yesterday. They both got quite a bit of hair cut off (Isabella about 5-6 inches!). Here are some random photos I took today:

(Sorry - couldn't get any Gianna photos to post...)

Happy Birthday Gianna!!!

My niece Gianna was born this morning at approximately 9:45 am by c-section. She was 9 lbs 6 oz!!! Jen had to have a c-section because Gianna wasn't positioned properly. But everything went well and mom and baby are doing great. Pablo, the kids and I headed down to the hospital this morning but we weren't able to see either Jen or Gianna. We waited around for a bit in the hopes of a peek at the baby but before we could, we had to leave to get Simon home for his nap. My parents (and I think my sister and her husband), got a super quick visit and were then ushered out. They are going back late this afternoon and I'm hoping someone can take photos for me. I did get to see a photo from Dave's phone and Gianna is chubby and adorable. We'll head over to the hospital tomorrow for a visit.

Later today I'll post photos of the kids in their matching costumes (SO CUTE!) and hopefully photos of Gianna. Oh and wait till you see the kids and their new haircuts!



Isabella all dressed up

Isabella has two Halloween costumes this year. One was to wear to school on Friday and one is the thick, warm costume for Sunday night. Here are some photos I took of her in her costume for school Friday morning:


Auntie news

I should have titled this 'Zia news' but not everyone knows that 'Zia' means 'aunt' in Italian. ANYWAY, my little sister was due to give birth October 20th and she has yet to have the baby. Her induction date is this Saturday and I hope that is when Gianna is born so that she doesn't have to have her birthday on Halloween. Simon turns two next week so these two are going to have their birthdays less than a week apart. Cool beans!

I almost forgot to mention that the ultrasound technician is estimating Gianna's weight to be 9 pounds! This family makes relatively large babies...(Isabella was 8lbs 15oz and Simon was 8lbs 6oz)

UPDATE: this is Jen 6 days late...

Chalkboards in kids' rooms - part 3

Part 1 is here and part 2 is here.


What the neurologist had to say...

My dad took Pablo to see a neurologist today (thanks Dad!). It turned out to be quite the revealing appointment. To sum it up, the neurologist is pretty convinced that all of Pablo's issues that he's been having (specifically since the end of radiation) are caused from the anti-swelling steroid Decadron that Pablo has been taking on and off since his tumor removal surgery at the end of April of this year.

The problem is that every time Pablo goes off the Decadron, he suffers from different symptoms to which the doctors assume is because of brain swelling so they prescribe Decadron again to deal with the swelling. The neurologist doesn't think Pablo has brain swelling. He doesn't understand how he could have that much brain swelling considering a large mass was removed from his brain so he's got lots of extra space in there now that wasn't there for years while the tumour grew. The MRI that Pablo will have hopefully within the next week should hopefully confirm this. All the symptoms Pablo is having seem more than likely caused by medication because the symptoms are happening all over his body and because the tumour was on the left side of his brain, this would have an affect SPECIFICALLY on his right side.

Decadron is a really, really powerful drug. No one should be taking it for this long. I didn't even know just how powerful it was till the neurologist said that the Decadron could be the cause of Pablo's recent eyesight issues. He recommended that once Pablo is off the Decadron completely that he should see an optometrist because there might be some permanent damage to his sight.

The neurologist said that Pablo needs to be weaned off the Decadron over the course of a month and it will take two more months for him to even be feeling somewhat normal again. This is NOT AT ALL what we were told a few weeks ago. But we're used to this. Pablo's case and what he's experienced is very rare and it has made this all the more frustrating and seemingly never ending.

I think that pretty much sums it up but it's getting late and I'm tired so if I forgot anything then I'll add to this as I remember.




Just when we thought there was an end in sight...

Pablo has been feeling like crap lately. He has absolutely no energy. He can barely get out of bed - actually, he spent this ENTIRE past weekend sleeping. I think he was awake for maybe a few hours between Friday night and this morning. He's having vision problems and dizziness.

He had a follow-up appointment with his oncologist this morning and his oncologist made an appointment for Pablo to see a neurologist tomorrow afternoon. He's also ordering another MRI to check the brain swelling, etc. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon as to why Pablo isn't getting any better.

Cool kids' room art

warren heath

kml design

milk magazine


jane reiseger



spearmint baby

taverne agency

taverne agency

taverne agency

taverne agency

taverne agency



One of my favourite nurseries

I found this wicked awesome nursery on Design Crisis (via Ohdeedoh). This nursery is so up my alley and creative to the max with thrifted finds and fab colour choices. Had to document this nursery in its own post so I don't forget it...


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