Auntie news

I should have titled this 'Zia news' but not everyone knows that 'Zia' means 'aunt' in Italian. ANYWAY, my little sister was due to give birth October 20th and she has yet to have the baby. Her induction date is this Saturday and I hope that is when Gianna is born so that she doesn't have to have her birthday on Halloween. Simon turns two next week so these two are going to have their birthdays less than a week apart. Cool beans!

I almost forgot to mention that the ultrasound technician is estimating Gianna's weight to be 9 pounds! This family makes relatively large babies...(Isabella was 8lbs 15oz and Simon was 8lbs 6oz)

UPDATE: this is Jen 6 days late...


  1. Aww! I hope everything goes well for both her and Gianna!

    Halloween birthdays aren't so bad. My great-grandmother's birthday was on Halloween, and my favourite part was going to her house after trick-or-treating. It always meant cake & ice cream in addition to the candy. ;)

    My family makes big babies, too. My brother, sister, and I were all over 9lbs, and my cousin's son was 10lbs 4oz. I'm nervous for myself once my husband and I start having kids!

  2. Thanks Kristy! I figure a Halloween bday would be rough on a kid because you could never have a regular party on your bday. Add it sure does sound like big babies are in your future! EPIDURAL ALL THE WAY!

  3. Big baby indeed!!!! Holy cow. And, you might never have a regular party, but you're always going to have a party. And I'll bet the kid'll get extra candy each Halloween by announcing that it's his/her birthday. Win/win!

  4. My sister is now wondering if she'll have a c-section...we'll find out tomorrow!



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