Day at the heart institute

Pablo had to go for tests at one of our local hospital's heart institute yesterday. This appointment has been scheduled for months - right after he had the mini-stroke (or seizure) after the brain surgery. At the first test - a nice and easy ultrasound of the heart - the doctor administering the test said she was looking for any small holes in Pablo's heart. Small holes can cause strokes. I got to watch during this test which was about 30 minutes long. It was cool to see the pictures of Pablo's heart beating away.

Next we had to wait for the second test - a Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE). Pablo was REALLY not looking forward to this test because the receptionist made the mistake of telling Pablo that he was going to have a tube shoved down his throat. They wouldn't let me go on for that test which is a good thing due to what happened.  They sprayed Pablo's throat with an anesthetic, gave him some valium and tried to put the tube down his throat. He threw up. They kept trying and Pablo kept throwing up. They gave him more valium and eventually got the tube down his throat. I have no clue what went on during the hour or so that Pablo was in there getting the test done. Once the test was done, the doctor brought Pablo out to the waiting room and Pablo was on so much valium that he could barely speak. He ended up passing out (asleep) the second he sat in a waiting room chair.

Next, Pablo was supposed to get a holter monitor that he would have to wear for 24 hours. 45 minutes Pablo slept (soundly thank goodness) in the waiting room and the doctor came to get him to put on the holter monitor. I couldn't wake Pablo up. He opened his eyes and looked at us like he didn't know who we were. The waiting room was packed and everyone was watching me try to get Pablo to wake up and go with the doctor. I couldn't do it so the doctor said he would come back in 15 minutes. He came back and by that time Pablo was awake and was able to walk (assisted by me). The doctor then asked Pablo to remove his shirt and said he would have to shave the chest hair where he would have to stick the electrodes. I felt Pablo's pain because the doctor was using a dry Bic razor to shave Pablo's chest hair (Pablo = spanish = lotsa thick chest hair).  Holter monitor was attached and we FINALLY left the hospital - about 5 hours after we got there.

Now I understand why they told Pablo to make sure he had someone to drive him home. He could barely walk from all the valium.

Results should take about 10 days.


House tour from Hus & Hem

This cottage was posted recently on Hus & Hem and it is gorgeous. Some of the photos I've posted before but so worthy of being posted again...


More photos from the wedding weekend

This last photo was taken by the very talented Sarah (see her Flickr photostream here) - who my sister had as her photographer. This photo was taken soon after the cupcakes were served. Simon ate A WHOLE BUNCH.


My sister's wedding

Kim and Jeff's wedding yesterday was awesome. We had a fantastic time despite the scorching heat. The ceremony was maybe 10 minutes - awesome. The food was delicious (chicken and ribs and cupcakes) - awesome. Pool party after dinner - hilarious. I say hilarious because it was Jeff, Pablo and a bunch of other guys whipping kids volleyballs at each others heads. Then they would do cannonballs, etc. to try to soak the onlookers. It was the perfect wedding due to the fact that it was so relaxed and casual. I basically spent the whole time chasing Simon around which had me totally exhausted by the time we left (9:15ish). The kids were so well behaved the whole day - I was damn proud of them.

I hardly took any pictures on Saturday - it was too hot to have the camera hanging around my neck while chasing Simon so I didn't bother. Today we went back to my parents' place and Pablo and the kids dressed up in their sweaty clothes from yesterday (I had a back-up wedding outfit that I wore) so that I could get some photos of all of us. I do have some photos of Kim and Jeff from Saturday but I won't be posting them until Kim posts wedding photos on her blog. So, here's a bunch of family photos (and I couldn't resist taking a shot of the trailer)...


Today's gonna be a good day!

Because my twin sister Kim is getting married!!!

It's taking place in my parents' backyard this afternoon and it's going to be fantastic! A nice small wedding of just over 50 people. Kim posted this preview photo on her blog and we'll both be posting a ton more photos after today is over so stay tuned!

All the best to Kim and Jeff!!!!...and may the weather hold up!

Radiation update!

Pablo got a call from the hospital yesterday and for a change, the phone call relayed some good news. It turns out that Pablo has been selected to try a new form of radiation therapy for his treatments that start in August - 'Tomotherapy'.  This treatment is quite new and is starting for the first time here in Ottawa in August - perfect timing for when Pablo is supposed to start radiation. Tomotherapy is more accurate than the conventional radiation Pablo was supposed to be getting and it is even better than the proton therapy (gamma knife) that we had looked into! I haven't had time to do research on Tomotherapy but Pablo is very lucky to be getting this kind of radiation. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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