Day at the heart institute

Pablo had to go for tests at one of our local hospital's heart institute yesterday. This appointment has been scheduled for months - right after he had the mini-stroke (or seizure) after the brain surgery. At the first test - a nice and easy ultrasound of the heart - the doctor administering the test said she was looking for any small holes in Pablo's heart. Small holes can cause strokes. I got to watch during this test which was about 30 minutes long. It was cool to see the pictures of Pablo's heart beating away.

Next we had to wait for the second test - a Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE). Pablo was REALLY not looking forward to this test because the receptionist made the mistake of telling Pablo that he was going to have a tube shoved down his throat. They wouldn't let me go on for that test which is a good thing due to what happened.  They sprayed Pablo's throat with an anesthetic, gave him some valium and tried to put the tube down his throat. He threw up. They kept trying and Pablo kept throwing up. They gave him more valium and eventually got the tube down his throat. I have no clue what went on during the hour or so that Pablo was in there getting the test done. Once the test was done, the doctor brought Pablo out to the waiting room and Pablo was on so much valium that he could barely speak. He ended up passing out (asleep) the second he sat in a waiting room chair.

Next, Pablo was supposed to get a holter monitor that he would have to wear for 24 hours. 45 minutes Pablo slept (soundly thank goodness) in the waiting room and the doctor came to get him to put on the holter monitor. I couldn't wake Pablo up. He opened his eyes and looked at us like he didn't know who we were. The waiting room was packed and everyone was watching me try to get Pablo to wake up and go with the doctor. I couldn't do it so the doctor said he would come back in 15 minutes. He came back and by that time Pablo was awake and was able to walk (assisted by me). The doctor then asked Pablo to remove his shirt and said he would have to shave the chest hair where he would have to stick the electrodes. I felt Pablo's pain because the doctor was using a dry Bic razor to shave Pablo's chest hair (Pablo = spanish = lotsa thick chest hair).  Holter monitor was attached and we FINALLY left the hospital - about 5 hours after we got there.

Now I understand why they told Pablo to make sure he had someone to drive him home. He could barely walk from all the valium.

Results should take about 10 days.


  1. Oh man. Puking and valium. And a dry shave on his chest. Yikes.

    Oh! You should've taken him back to that same restaurant where you had lunch that day--wonder what they'd think about that!

    Sorry I've been MIA. Joe was gone all last week on a bike ride across Iowa. Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either but he likes it. AND, my 19 year old nephew came with his GF. Well, came, went, came, went, flitted in, flitted out. But I'm not annoyed. No sirree. ;-)

  2. It was a miserable day really. I would have loved to go back to that restaurant had Pablo been able to at least sit up. That would have been hilarious!

    Bike ride across Iowa?!?! I know NOTHING about Iowa but I hope it is at least slightly scenic...Ahhhh, men and the crazy things they do in the name of 'fun'.

    Collette, you and the revolving door of guests! How the heck do you handle it?!?!?! The fact that your nephew is 19 explains ALOT.

  3. Iowa is pretty much green, slightly hilly farmland. Camping? And hills? And a lot of goofy drunk people on bikes? Yeah, I'll stay home.

    My mom is coming in a week. ;-) She called it my bed and breakfast (apologetically actually). I guess that's what we get for living in the city by the lake. Makes us popular. (Not worth moving to the suburbs for though--not my thing.) Gabe made us more popular. At least with the grandparents. I don't know who's next!

  4. Goofy drunk people I could tolerate in my twenties. In my thirties, I find it alot less tolerable.

    There ya go! - call your place a bed and breakfast and CHARGE EVERYONE to stay. LOL! That obviously wouldn't go over well with family...

    We unfortunately chose the suburbs and I regret it often but I know it's good for the kids to be here - lots of good schools and activities and stuff.

    Funny how the kids make you more popular, eh?



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