My sister's wedding

Kim and Jeff's wedding yesterday was awesome. We had a fantastic time despite the scorching heat. The ceremony was maybe 10 minutes - awesome. The food was delicious (chicken and ribs and cupcakes) - awesome. Pool party after dinner - hilarious. I say hilarious because it was Jeff, Pablo and a bunch of other guys whipping kids volleyballs at each others heads. Then they would do cannonballs, etc. to try to soak the onlookers. It was the perfect wedding due to the fact that it was so relaxed and casual. I basically spent the whole time chasing Simon around which had me totally exhausted by the time we left (9:15ish). The kids were so well behaved the whole day - I was damn proud of them.

I hardly took any pictures on Saturday - it was too hot to have the camera hanging around my neck while chasing Simon so I didn't bother. Today we went back to my parents' place and Pablo and the kids dressed up in their sweaty clothes from yesterday (I had a back-up wedding outfit that I wore) so that I could get some photos of all of us. I do have some photos of Kim and Jeff from Saturday but I won't be posting them until Kim posts wedding photos on her blog. So, here's a bunch of family photos (and I couldn't resist taking a shot of the trailer)...


  1. my god that trailer is the cutest thing ever
    (well, I'm from a country where there's not such thing as trailer park/trash, just villas miseria, when I see on DTI a house made of corrugated tin I tend to go yuuuuuuuck, but trailers don't have any negative connotations, for me)

  2. How cute is Simon in that great big chair all by himself?? And Isabella's dress is gorgeous - I'd like an adult size version its that great.

  3. Trailers are awesome. I've become obsessed.

    That is my sister's peacock chair. This isn't the only one she owns. Came in handy for pictures for the kids and she used it for her wedding photos too.

    My mom found that dress for Isabella. I think it cost only $16 CDN if I remember correctly.



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