Today's gonna be a good day!

Because my twin sister Kim is getting married!!!

It's taking place in my parents' backyard this afternoon and it's going to be fantastic! A nice small wedding of just over 50 people. Kim posted this preview photo on her blog and we'll both be posting a ton more photos after today is over so stay tuned!

All the best to Kim and Jeff!!!!...and may the weather hold up!


  1. Congratulations Kim and Jeff!!! The backyard looks beautiful. I hope everyone has a wonderful time!

    P.S. Watch them carefully though--they might try to sneak into the trailer to start the honeymoon early. ;-)

  2. I love that backyard! Cool tent! Congrats Kim and Jeff!

  3. Thanks guys! It was such a wonderful wedding and so much fun. Everyone had a blast.

    We kept joking that instead of getting a hotel room for the night, they were going to stay in the trailer.

    The trailer really was a hit. Everyone thought it was such a cool idea.



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