As I write this, Pablo and Isabella are sitting in their seats at the Toronto Blue Jays game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. I just got off the phone with Pablo and he quickly told me all the free stuff they gave him and sometime around the 5th inning, they are going to announce Pablo as the winner of the MVP dad contest and he'll be asked to stand so that they can put him on tv! Boy is he excited.

And now I am off to enjoy a night alone with just me and the boy!

UPDATE: They just showed Pablo and Isabella on tv and mentioned how Pablo won the contest and that is why they are sitting in the squishy, comfy seats. I paused the tv and pointed them out to Simon and he let out a few shrieks. Too funny. I am REALLY hoping that Isabella sleeps for the long car ride home after the game because she has to be at school tomorrow at 8:15 am for her LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! (She brought home an awesome report card Monday, my little smarty pants)

UPDATE: Photos!


  1. Yay to both!

    Gabe and I had a night alone a few days ago. Don't tell anyone but after we got back from the park and took a bath, we had popcorn for dinner and watched a new movie (Tangled). It was a lovely night! I hope yours is similarly lovely.

  2. Popcorn for dinner! YUMMMMM. I made Kraft Dinner, had two bites (so gross I couldn't eat anymore) then had some bananas dunked in melted chocolate instead. Unfortunately, Simon loves Kraft Dinner and I didn't know what else to make. If I had the car I would have picked us up some McDonalds. All the groceries we have we're taking to the cottage tomorrow.

  3. Yay for Pablo and Isabella, it looks like they had a blast!

  4. They sure did have a blast and they both are still talking about it!

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