Girls' rooms


  1. ...da sind ja tolle Ideen für`s Kinderzimmer
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Great combinations of rooms and some inspiration. Love your blog and I have been following for some time but never stopped to comment. So happy for your hubbi and you as a family on the road to recovery. Love your motto about dancing in the rain. You would love Ireland so - wellies are always on standby over here!! Sinead

  3. I appreciate that you took the time to comment Sinead! My younger sister went to Ireland and loved it. I would love to travel and visit places like Ireland one day and I'd for sure bring my Hunter wellies!

    Christiane - not sure what the translation of your comment is...

  4. I love girls rooms, as I have a spunky, girly-girl who just turned 7. We are just in the process of redesigning her room and I let her bookmark images from your blog of rooms that she likes, plus I like reading your blog because you are awesome. I need some help though. I am expecting a boy in October & I am having a bit of a hard time finding specific posts that you have of boys rooms (his room will have to double as my sewing room- or at least a corner of it!) Any suggestions??

    Thank you!

  5. Awwww, thanks elizabeth!

    Here are some posts I've done that might help you with the nursery:

    1- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2010/10/one-of-my-favourite-nurseries.html
    2- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2011/05/boys-rooms-with-colour.html
    3- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2011/05/black-in-kids-rooms.html
    4- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2011/04/rough-and-rugged-kids-rooms.html
    5- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2011/03/gender-neutral-nurseries-with-white.html
    6- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2011/01/nurseries.html
    7- http://www.thebooandtheboy.com/2010/11/nurseries.html

    If you need more, let me know, I probably have more.

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! You are the best! I really appreciate that you always answer comment questions:) I will keep you posted once we get this little mister's room started!

  7. You are so welcome! I love answering comment questions - that's what I'm here for! Please do keep me posted on the room and send me photos when it's done. I love posting reader's photos. Good luck and have fun!

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