For Lexie

A friend of mine, Lexie, introduced me to Tubtrugs the other day and I fell in love. I love anything that makes my home more organized (at an affordable price) and I hope to one day actually find some at a store near me...

herz kaspar


  1. Thanks for posting this picture of my living room in your lovely blog!

  2. You're welcome herzkaspar! I love your living room and posted the other photo from your blog. I also love all the colourful posts on your blog too!

  3. Julia,
    We've got those in Madison's storage bench in her reading nook - I got them at either Rona or Home Depot, can't remember which though and they had a few color options...

  4. I wonder how sturdy they are. I got a canvas bag that has reinforced seams (like wire in them or something) and Gabe turned it into a giant body cover which he walked around in. Then, he'd get in it so we could swing him around. I wonder how long it would take him to break that?

  5. I'm thinking your canvas bag is going to need replacing really soon!



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