Why I am jealous of lexie

I got an email the other day from a fan named Lexie. I am jealous of her for many reasons which I will now list:
  1. Lexie is married to an architect
  2. Lexie lives in a wicked awesome home
  3. Wicked awesome home is in San Francisco
  4. Lexie is a furniture designer
  5. Lexie and her family are moving to Norway next summer!!!
Here are some photos of the wicked awesome home I keep referring to:


  1. Glorious, may I re-blog?

  2. Ooh, I saw that on the AIA tour. The house is one of my favorites...ever. Maybe I will win the lottery and try and buy it when they go to Norway... :)

  3. Holy crap that is a great house. The only thing stopping me from hunting her down in a jealous rage (kidding Lexi!!!!) is the notion that the liquor tax is really, really high in Norway. ;-) I'll console myself with that.

  4. Collette - you crack me up! and boy did I ever need a good laugh today!

  5. Hi Julia! i have been on your blog on and off for days now. mostly going through all your kids rooms. you have such a wonderful blog and am so happy i found you. wish i could remember how i found you...
    anyway, i would like you to know that i too am jealous of Lexie.


  6. Hi Claudia! I'm glad you like my blog! And holy crap did you ever make me laugh when you said you were jealous of Lexie too...it's been awhile since I had done this post. Thanks for commenting!



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