Why today is not a good day...

It started yesterday actually...Pablo started vomiting yesterday morning and a nurse came to the house to give him the usual shot of Gravol. That seemed to work alright until after the kids were asleep last night. Pablo started getting sick and was up ALL NIGHT LONG. This meant I was up all night long too. Thankfully, the kids slept through it.

This morning Pablo called to have another nurse come by to get another shot, which he did. Pablo then called our family doctor because he thinks this is happening because of the dose of the Lyrica that he's taking (which I believe is 50 mg/day). He told the doctor that he's only peed once in 48 hours and this had her immediately worried and told him to get to the hospital because he could go into septic shock. Once at the hospital, he'll need to have a catheter put in. Joy.

My dad took him to the hospital and I guess they don't consider this any more of an emergency than anybody else waiting in the Emergency waiting room so he will be waiting for a good part of the day before he can be seen by a doctor. And he is drugged up on the Gravol shot so EVEN BETTER.

Another reason why this is a bad day - I was super stoked to hear that an Urban Outfitters had opened here in Ottawa. I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out. BUT BURST MY FREAKING HAPPY BUBBLE - THEY DO NOT SELL HOME STUFF. I have a few choice words for whoever made THAT decision.

Tomorrow - I'm posting Isabella's school picture!!!

UPDATE: Pablo is home. The news is that there is no major issues. Gonna try to say this without being too graphic. X-rays showed that the main problem isn't with Pablo going #1, the problem is that he isn't going #2 enough and that is preventing him from doing #1. Side effect of all the meds he's still taking?!?!?!


  1. I saw some home stuff at the Urban Outfitters on Rideau but it was mostly just the small decor and gift sort of items. It's sad that none of the bedding and furniture seems to have made it here (at least not yet).

  2. eff to all of that!!

    hugs and happy thoughts as always!

  3. Allison - rumour has it they won't be carrying any of the good home stuff because they chose a location that is too small. Go figure.

    Thanks Ricci and Hollie!

  4. Unfortunatly this is a subject we don't like to talk about but i have come to learn is THE most important subject for our overall health...whilst my daughter uses all the usual chemist stuff I have also found that lots and lots of fluid, pear juice...much better then prune juice and a product called movicol(don't know if you have it over there) is the great. Glad Pablo is home.

  5. Pablo doesn't eat all that well. Which I think is a big problem. A dietician came to our house the other day (unfortunately, I was working) and I'm hoping he realizes how important it is to eat and drink well. Pablo drinks alot of water and apple and orange juice (which we buy for the kids). I'll look for pear juice when we grocery shop next. Thanks Katherine!

    Oh Collette. What would I do without that humour of yours?!?!?!?

    Pablo is still vomiting. Not frequently but enough to keep him in bed. He's been peeing alot so that's a good sign.

  6. ai-ai-ai... To pee or not pee... Well, that's why I would ban all medications. Nobody know what it does. We think it helps to heal part A but then it totally destroys part B. I read an article last year in Metro. It says: don't give any medications to kids under 3 years old. Finally. Anyways, In Pablo's case I'm afraid it's impossible to cancel all these pills and shots. Sometimes we are just helpless.
    Well, kiddo, I'm sending all my positive energy to you. It will definitely help you to go through the day! Love you very much and I'm so SORRY that I’m far away from you.
    BTW kids and fall leaves look good together.
    Oh, I was in Children Place yesterday, where I bough once clothes for Isabella, and I just was thinking about her! i was like, she looks so tall at the pictures, what size he is vearing now? haha, funny thoughs.
    Anyways, kisses to your kids and BIG hug to Pablo from Alek and I. xoxoxo

  7. Hey Ella! - I hate giving the kids medicine. I tend to not give them anything because we had heard the same thing that you shouldn't give kids under 3 medicine. The couple of times that I thought Simon could really use some Tempra, he's spit it up so I gave up trying to give him any medicine.

    Isabella is pretty much wearing a size 6 but probably only for a few more months. That size fits her perfectly for right now. Simon doesn't seem to be growing at the rate Isabella is - he is still wearing a size 2 in pants and a 3-4 in tops.

    Hugs and kisses from us to you and Alek! Miss you lots!



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