And we wait...and wait some more

I'm really not a patient person. I thought I was but the last year has changed me. Geez, I wonder why. So now we are waiting to find out when Pablo can have his goddamn hernia operated on so that we can go through yet another recovery period added on to the recovery period that is till ongoing from the radiation. Wow, I am in a really pleasant mood this evening. At least Pablo's doctor from the pain clinic agrees that Pablo's case is not normal and he needs surgery ASAP. He put in a call and I hope he can make things happen. Pablo's family doctor too is going to put in a good word for urgent surgery. Still waiting though and waiting is the shits.

Funny thing happened to me today. Just so I don't bring you all down with me - I gotta lighten up this post.
I was sitting at the desk in the basement working away and Simon wanted to sit in my lap. I picked him up, put him in my lap and put on Stuart Little 2 so that I could get back to work. Simon put his head on my shoulder and began watching the movie. After a few minutes, there was a song in the movie and I started to sing along with it and Simon looked up at me and said 'Shhh' and put his finger up to my lips. I know I am a horrible singer but wow! This made us both laugh. Too cute.

Happy anniversary mom and dad! - from the four of us.

Almost forgot - y'all have got to check out this video! Thanks Kim! (found via my fav and my best)


  1. Julia, you are amazing to be able to find lighter moments with all you are going through! Hang in there!!!

  2. Joe sings like you! ;-)

    I love those boys!!!

  3. Thanks Socko! I'm trying!

    Collette - I'm so bad that I prefer to hum. And aren't those boys just fantastic!

  4. Hi Julia!

    Just wanted to say hi! Found your blog somewhere related to interior decoration (though Kim possibly) but wound up going through your posts labeled brain tumor.

    Keep positive! It's that attitude that carries you through it. I know it's hard, having been there myself, with the wait, the stalled surgery, not knowing what's coming next, and now living with the knowledge that it's still a possibility that I'll be back there someday. But everyday reminding myself that those possibilities won't dictate what I'll achieve today. I won't win every day, but I'll keep on trying.
    So keep at it!

    And I must say I really liked the pics of Pablos' haircut. I would have done something similar if I'd started to loose it. :)

    <3 to you, Pablo and the rugrats from about 5764 km away

  5. Hello to you Kajsa! I really am trying to stay positive. I have my good days and bad but as a family, we've managed to pull through this nightmare. If you don't mind my asking, what was your diagnosis? From your comment, you seem like such a strong woman! Good for you! Big hugs to you and thanks for commenting - it means alot!!!



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