Qu'est-ce que f*ck ?

Cleaned up that title just a little bit. Title borrowed from my good buddy Collette (didn't take that long to use it now did it?)

Damn hernia.

Who would have thought something much simpler than a freaking brain tumour could cause so much turmoil and pissed offness (made that up too). To summarize all that has happened: Pablo gets a damn hernia, goes to the hospital where he sits for 14 hours only to be sent home because his case isn't urgent. He's given the name of a surgeon who Pablo was to get in touch with and maybe this surgeon could fix the damn hernia. Calls are made from numerous medical people on Pablo's behalf but guess what? This surgeon hasn't worked in a few years. It took us a couple days to find this out.

Pablo goes to his appointment at the pain clinic last week. Whenever that was - it's all a blur really. They get ticked off because they think this damn hernia is hindering Pablo's recovery from the brain radiation. Um, you bet it is. He can't do any physiotherapy because he can barely move. So last week was alot of phone tag which really went no where. Another surgeon was called but he was on holidays. Lucky bastard.

Today was going to be the 'figure this shit out' day before we go crazy. Even before I'd had my first coffee this morning, the pain clinic called to get an update: Pablo is in pain, like always, and knows nothing concerning surgery for the damn hernia. Pablo gave them a name of yet another surgeon who he heard fixes damn hernias and they said they'd try to contact the guy. If this was not to work out then Pablo was to take his ass back to Emergency. Joy.

We got a call a little while later - Pablo was to go to Emergency. More joy and happy thoughts. Off he went and an hour and a half later, Pablo called me to go pick him up at the hospital. Those of you familiar with Ottawa Emergency rooms (Dianne in particular), know that you might as well bring a good book and a sleeping bag because you are going to spend the good part of a day waiting. I was in shock. I guess they took Pablo seriously this time.

So here's what was said by the doctor who saw Pablo. Pablo is to call the surgery department at the hospital tomorrow morning and he'll be given the name of a surgeon who he is to call and get a consultation. From this consultation, he can then be scheduled for surgery. I am really confused why this didn't come from his first Emergency room visit for the damn hernia...

Anyway, the doctor said that it might take months for the surgery to happen. Qu'est-ce que fuck? Excuse me?

He did provide Pablo with an option. There is a hospital in Toronto that specializes in damn hernias - Shouldice Hospital. (If anyone out there has opinions on this place then please share). They could probably take him real quick - like maybe, possibly this week. That quick. It wouldn't cost us any money for the surgery (covered by OHIP but I gotta check my insurance coverage for his hospital stay ) - we just have to get Pablo to Toronto and back home. He would have to stay for four nights.

Tomorrow Pablo will call to see about a consultation and then he will call the Shouldice Hospital. Tomorrow Pablo has his follow-up appointment with his urologist for the bladder tests he had a couple weeks ago. Looking forward to more good news!!! :)

Collette - I'm thinking I'm gonna need another title for the next post because knowing our luck........


Pablo saw his urologist this morning and was told that he has the bladder of a 4 year old. His urologist wants the damn hernia taken care of ASAP. (Join the club). He thinks that it might be affecting Pablo's peeing issues. He got Pablo a consultation with a surgeon on April 4. He pulled some strings because only waiting a month for a consultation is REALLY GOOD.  He also hinted that the surgery might happen soon after the consultation.

That hospital in Toronto can't take Pablo till mid-April. POOH. So where did the 'real quick' come from?!?!?!?! Maybe that is real quick in the medical world?!?!?! 


  1. That's. fucking. INSANE. Man, I seriously, seriously hope you don't have news that needs a title to top that one. Can't it all be done???? Oh sweetie! Big huge hugs to all of you. And virtual mojitos. By the pitcher.

  2. It just never stops. INSANE is right. A pitcher of mojitos right now would be just perfect. And I'll take all the big huge hugs you've got! :)

  3. Hi Julia,
    I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. I'm sorry to hear Pablo is getting shuffled around and is still in pain. Is there any way to get the surgery done quicker in the States? (I'm clueless about the rules on that sort of thing...so it's an honest question.)

  4. Hi Valerie,

    Yes it is possible to get it done quicker in the states. Only problem is, for the right amount of money; and since I have already been out of work for a year, its not the sort of thing that's plausible....

    Thank you for the well wishes and for following my wife's blog. Sometimes I think she loves it even more than me (lol, not true though)


  5. hahahahah...and you are in the mood to make some jokes!!! ahhahahaha I AM YOUR BIGEST FAN PABLO!!...well right after your wife...and isabella and simon hahah...YOU ARE SO HANDSOME!!...MY PRAYERS GOES TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY...you'll be all right
    sorry for my english
    con cariño desde México Maria Fernanda =)

  6. You made Pablo's day fernanda!!!

    Keren - surgery today would be awesome. Sounds strange to say but the sooner the better. We`re hanging in there although we`re both going a little, no make that alot, crazy! LOL! And the shit goes on... :)

  7. Hi Julia and Pablo,

    My husband had his hernia operation at the Shouldice and it is a wonderful facility! Perhaps Pablo could be put on a waiting list for a cancellation to get the surgery sooner? This seems so ridiculous! Maybe a call to your MP and MPP might help??? Good Luck!!!

  8. Real quick is evidently relative. Bastards.

    Totally off topic--have you seen this online magazine, Sweet Paul? This month's is focused on kids. There's some fun recipes and the styling is amazing. Maybe it'll cheer you up a little! Maybe? A teeny bit?


    More hugs!!!

  9. Julie-

    Something in the States that's a tactic to help get things done sooner is to get the local media involved. When people are giving you the run-around and the system is clearly not working for its citizens, drawing media attention to it can sometimes help get things done they way they *should* be. The Canadian health care system is clearly not serving Pablo the way it's meant to, and the sequence of events here has been absolutely ridiculous! I don't know exactly how the Canadian health care system works, but I'm assuming your health care is funded by tax payers and as a tax payer, the system should be there to help you and it's not. If people aren't getting the care they need, then what exactly are your tax dollars paying for? Just a thought.

    Best of luck, and your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


  10. Eileen - Pablo sent off the forms for Shouldice today and spoke to someone there too. Thanks for letting us know it's a good place - especially since he'd be suck there for 4 days. And it is totally ridiculous. We've been through one ridiculous thing after another with the health care system over the past year and it's exhausting and nothing surprises me anymore...very sad.

    Collette - had a peek at Sweet Paul on my lunch break and it sure did cheer me up! thanks for the link! :)

    Cassie - it is so sad but this is what our health care system is like. One frustration after another. You don't pay per visit to the hospital/doctor and because of this, there are ridiculous waits where ever you go. You'll get the help you need but it'll take FOREVER.

    I'm so tired of all this crap that I don't even know what to say about it anymore...can't find the right words...

  11. I realize I'm commenting on this post a little late, but just wanted to let you know that we have also had really good experience with Shouldice. My mum (surprisingly - since women don't often get hernias) went there a few years ago and it was an excellent experience. Said she felt like she was staying in a hotel rather than a hospital! The surgery was quickly and expertly performed too, since the surgeons there ONLY do hernias.

    Hope things get resolved quickly for you two. Sounds like you've had a year from hell.

    All the best,

    gemma@thesweetestdigs (a fellow Ottawa blogger!)

  12. I didn't think women got hernias! Wow. Thanks for telling me about your mom's Shouldice experience. I couldn't get over how much the pictures of the outside of the hospital make it look like a fancy hotel so good to know that the inside is hotel-like too - especially if Pablo will be staying there for 4 days.

    Unfortunately it has been a year from hell and I could really use a break! LOL!

    Your blog looks awesome (YAY Ottawa!). I'll have to poke around when I have some free time!



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