a boys' shared bedroom

Hannah of the blog Just Peachy, Darling sent me the link to her fun boys' shared bedroom. Complete with bunk beds, a sputnik light fixture, chalkboard paint, a reading nook and funky art and paint, Hannah did such a great job putting this room together!


  1. I will send you pics of my boy's bedroom when I'm finished tweaking and changing and doubting and all the others -ing. He'll be 21 by then, of course.

  2. Get on that Marie! I need pics to post! LOL!

  3. It's no good deciding on that wonderful four poster bed (that fits within your budget) and that beautiful dressing table, and oh those blanket boxes that look so good in timber, and so on, then finding that it's such a squeeze fitting it all in that it's almost impossible to move around your bed. http://www.easeofmobility.com/best-canes-guide/



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