Utzon Kids

I got a lovely email from Maiken the other day:

I am myself a mum of 3 - Daisy my youngest who you can see on the chair I made below and Flora 8 and Fred 10. After having Daisy I thought how sad I don't have any furniture from when Fred and Flora was her age she could use and what a waste to have to buy new stuff for her as most of the things for kids don't last. I like things that last, gives you memories when you look at them and gets character and history with time. My husband and I decided to create that and here it is…our first chair "the Wave".

We have just launched a Danish company, Utzon Kids, that makes exclusive made-to-order contemporary furniture for kids. It is a new vision for children's furniture that would look just as great in the living room as they would in your child's bedroom or play space. All our products  are/will be designed and made in Denmark, using the finest natural materials - we aim  to create a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to much of what is on the market today.

This chair is gorgeous and contemporary. Perfect for the modern home. I can't wait to see what other furniture pieces they come up with...


  1. What a great chair! Love it. Too bad we don't have space for one... I am sure my girls would love it too. :o)

  2. A piece of art. I would totally get rid of furniture to fit one of these in my place. :)



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