1. All those photos of those super white houses makes me want to clean my house. Don't worry--the feeling passes.

  2. So beautiful! I also got the cradle from Danish Leander for my second son, its adorable . xxx Agata

  3. And all thsoe people with those white houses cleaned for these photos and then right after the photos had been taken, there houses went back to being super messy and dirty.

    I can wish right?

    Agata - I SO wish they made cradles/bassinets for bigger babies because our family makes large babies and it is not worth spending the money on them if they get used so little. My sister and I had bought a bassinet for our niece and my niece outgrew it in less than one month I think. Crazy. They are very nice to look at though. :)

  4. Yep, you can wish!

    I can't remember what comic strip it was but the lead character had a nemesis who she referred to as "The Woman Who Does Everything More Beautifully Than You." THAT's who lives in those white houses!

  5. Julia, my son was sleeping in it till 8 month! He wasn't really small baby ;-)I was thinking its to tide but he likes it. Robert is my second son and we got all the things after his older brother (bugy, clothes,etc) so thats why I deside to make something special this time. It is really good quality product so I hope it will stay in familly ;-)

  6. Collette - I don't like her then... :)

    Agata - 8 months! Lucky you! It sure is one of those things you keep in the family and pass down. It can even become a toy for the kids - something to put their stuffed toys in, etc.



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