Look what came in the mail for Pablo

Remember a few weeks ago when Pablo won the Toronto Blue Jays MVP Dad contest? (blogged here and here) Well, there was a knock on the door a few days ago and it was a special delivery that made Pablo giddy (he wasn't told they were sending this):

it actually came with one of the game balls but Pablo switched it out for the ball that he got a bunch of the players to sign


Those damn ducks bit me!

After dinner, I took the kids for a walk and we stopped by this big pond to feed the ducks. I brought a ton of stale bread, When we got there, I noticed alot of stupid seagulls who were annoyingly loud. We sat down in the grass near the ducks and then all hell broke loose. Simon almost lost his mind because between the ducks and seagulls who flocked over to us, there must have been about 100 of them in total. And they sure as hell weren't shy. I made the kids stand up at one point because the ducks were getting too close and the kids were starting to freak out. The ducks were practically jumping in our laps and they kept nipping at my knees and feet if I didn't feed them fast enough. It was crazy.

Here are some photos of the ducks that were all around us. I had a hard time taking any photos because that meant I wasn't feeding them and that made them angry.

that's my knee and that's how close those friggin ducks were. I believe I got nipped on the knee soon after this photo was taken by that little asshole staring at my knee.

After feeding the ducks, we went to play at the park and took some photos on the walk home.

The boy's new hair

He has too much hair to keep it long in the summer! (Sorry Hollie! LOL!)


I love these guys

taken with Pablo's phone

See how long Simon's hair is? Well, he got it all chopped off today (tomorrow I'll post a photo). He looks so damn cute with his new cut. Older too. Plus I have to post something that came in the mail for Pablo (it's home is on the mantle in the basement) 


Head update

Pablo had an appointment with his neurologist and he confirmed that THERE IS NO GROWTH IN PABLO'S BRAIN. His head/brain scans look fine. Phew!!!! Giant relief and one less thing to worry about right now.

His neurologist is sending him for bloodwork tomorrow morning to try to find an answer as to why he's been nauseous and vomiting, having fevers and just generally feeling like crap. This doc is on a mission to come up with some answers. AMEN.

Now we can definitely try to enjoy the rest of the summer.


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