Leaving on a jet plane...

Thursday morning I'm leaving for Vegas with my sister Kim and her boyfriend Jeff. Our younger sister Jen is getting married there on Saturday (YAY Jen and Dave!). I have done nothing to get ready besides buy a dress for Saturday so I have LOTS to do tomorrow (while I'm home alone with the kids) so this is my last post till next week. LATER!

Kid shelving - part 4

Kid shelving - part 1 here. part 2 here. part 3 here.

My goofy boy

resting in the laundry basket

rolling around on the floor


Simon - not so quiet anymore

Maybe it's because of the teeth (molars) coming in but Simon has definitely been having some crusty moments in the last few weeks. They don't compare to Isabella's crusty moments (hi horrible threes!) but he lets you know he's not happy. These crusty moments appear mainly when Isabella takes something out of Simon's hands. He'll start screaming and it even scares Isabella into giving him back the toy she took - and quickly! Very entertaining to watch.

Simon is very adventurous when it comes to eating. I don't remember the last time I gave him jarred baby food. He is not impressed with that stuff anymore. He'll eat anything we eat. One thing I find strange about Simon (because I don't remember Isabella doing this) is that when he eats he insists on touching everything that goes into his mouth. Give him a mouthful of mashed potatoes and in goes a bunch of fingers and he touches the potatoes. If it's something a bit more firm than potatoes, he'll take the piece out of his mouth and stare at it a bit then put it back in his mouth. This doesn't sound too strange except that he does it ALL THE TIME.

Simon has been drinking homo milk for a couple weeks now and loves it. He didn't seem to notice a difference between formula and milk. Thank goodness. And my mom introduced him to a sippy cup which took no time for him to figure out and now he uses one during the day.

Sleep. Simon is not too fond of sleep. Sucks big time for us. He's been waking up at 5am recently and more often than not he can't be put back to sleep. I have no problems waking up at 7am but 5am is rough since I try to wake up at 5am on the mornings when I go to work and it makes things difficult when Simon wakes up at the same time I need to be getting ready. Hopefully, when he goes from napping twice to once a day, he'll sleep in a bit more in the mornings...wishful thinking?????

Simon said 'Up' last night to Isabella and I at the dinner table. So cute because I remember Isabella saying it the exact same way...

The boy still isn't walking yet. Maybe by Christmas?

Simon plays this game where you stand him up in his crib and say "1, 2, 3 KABOOM!" then he lets himself go and falls onto his bum. Then you say "sucky baby" and he lays down and puts his head down too. Adorable and makes me laugh.

Simon got a tiny itty bitty trim of his bangs Friday night. His very first snip. When those front hairs would fall straight down, they would go into his eyes so one snip and all better. Usually they fall to the side and could be tucked behind his ear, they were so damn long. I saved the 7 hairs that got cut - in his baby book (that I stopped writing in since I started this blog...). I wonder if the family will notice tonight at dinner...

Lastly, nothing to do with Simon. The entire family, except Pablo and the boo and the boy, are off to Las Vegas for my younger sister's wedding next week! WOOHOO! I am definitely looking forward to the trip - the wedding itself, the shopping and ohhhhh the sleep I hope to get...

I will miss Pablo and the kids terribly. I'll be gone for 5 days. I've never been without my kids that long before...and Pablo has never been by himself with the kids for more than 8 hours...I'll admit, I am a bit nervous but I know Pablo will do a great job - I just wish him luck!


12.5 month update for the boy

Simon went to the doctor today for his 1 year check-up and shots. My mom took him since we figured Pablo should stay home and I was at work today (thank mom!).

Simon weighed in at 27 lbs, 3 oz
and his length is 32 inches

He got 2 shots and didn't make a peep during either....just like when he got his H1N1 vaccine. Amazing.

The doctor said he needs a second dose of the H1N1 vaccine. Yippee.

*** At Isabella's 1 year doctor's visit, she was 26 lbs and 34 inches


Modern kids' rooms from ducduc

Last night's cuddle - in our own house

Last night I slept in Isabella's room with her - to be on the safe side. We were facing each other in her bed, cuddling, and she was telling me how I'm her best friend. Then she asks me if I'm still sick and I said, "A little bit."

"Well you had better turn around and face the other way then!" she replied.

My little smarty pants.


Teeth update and the latest news

Simon has been drooling like a faucet the last few days and he now has a molar on the bottom that is really visible.

We came back home this morning and I am on a cleaning frenzy trying to disinfect this place. The kids are very happy to be home.


Family update

Pablo went back to the hospital yesterday because his breathing was still not good. They thought he might have gotten pneumonia but tests came back negative (but on the verge of positive). Pablo can't go back to work for another week.

Simon is sick too. Runny nose, nose congestion, a small cough. No fever so far.

Isabella still has a cold.

I woke up this morning with a stuffed up nose and my throat is starting to hurt.

I'd like to go back home today. Everyone is exhausted. EXHAUSTED!!!

(A big thank you to my folks for helping me with the kids and letting us stay with them!!!)

UPDATE: we were told that we can't go back home till tuesday - Pablo should be isolated for 7 days. As of tuesday, the kids and I will have had our vaccines for 14 days and that's pretty safe to me. We're all really looking forward to going back home so that things can get back to normal - somewhat.


When it rains it pours

Pablo has the swine flu. He spent the day at the hospital yesterday (he was having difficulties breathing).

The kids and I spent the night, and will be spending the next few days at my parents' place. You see, as of yesterday, we've had our H1N1 vaccines for only 7 days. It takes 10 to 14 days for it to be fully effective. GO FIGURE. What I really wanted to put for the title of this post was WHEN IT RAINS IT SHIT STORMS.

I had to miss work yesterday because it was Pablo's day to watch the kids.

Pablo, I really hope you get better soon. We miss you and Isabella asks about you often. Yesterday morning at breakfast she said, "If we all work together, maybe we can make daddy feel better!"

UPDATE: Isabella has a runny nose, is congested, has complained of a sore throat, and is CRABBY.

 I repeat: SHIT STORMS


OWI kids' rooms

Found these photos on OWI - Office for Word and Image. Gorgeous colourful rooms and some pretty cool beds. What I wouldn't give to not have carpeting in my kids' rooms so I could put down some cozy area rugs...


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