Happy happy day!!!

The other day I swore I heard Simon say 'pasta' and 'bowl'. Earlier today, we were playing on the floor and Simon was in a really good mood and I got him to say 'pasta' (which came out like 'pata') and 'bowl' CLEARLY.

FINALLY some words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And there is a good chance Pablo is coming home tomorrow! YAY!

UPDATE: I picked up Pablo Friday at lunchtime. We are all so happy he's home where he belongs!

Random photo



FANTASTIC Pablo update and kiddo update

Pablo FINALLY had his MRI this morning. It was supposed to take one hour but ended up lasting about 1.5 hours due to his spasms. He got results back that there is nothing wrong with his spine (sometimes his type of tumour affects the spine) and nothing else that they can see 'wrong'. From what they can tell from this MRI too, there is no tumour left. SUPER GIGANTIC YAY!!!! The doctors are overall very happy with what the MRI shows and if the doctors are happy then we are ecstatic!

The main concern that the doctors now have is to get the symptoms under control with proper medication/injections. They've now hinted that he might not be able to come home till early to mid next week. *Big sigh from me*

Pablo's doctors have noticed that his right side is slightly weaker than his left side due to the tumour being located on the left so he is starting physiotherapy today to strengthen the right side. And I just heard from Pablo and physio lasted about 5 minutes because he got physically sick. Better luck next time.

Simon is still sick and grumpy. Gonna try vapo rub on his feet tonight before bed. Never heard of this trick but if it is supposed to help him not cough while sleeping then I'm all for trying it out.

My mom picked up some vitamins for Isabella. I can't deal with the kids being sick every couple of weeks so here's to hoping this will help too.



Today was Pablo's last radiation treatment!!! YIPPEE!!!

He got to keep his mask. He's got it with him in his hospital room. It's creepy but whatever makes him happy.

The long awaited MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. His doctors think that his recent and ongoing spasms are caused by all over brain swelling. The MRI will determine if this is the case. He's had brain swelling in the tumour area but the swelling might have spread to more areas of the brain.

Not sure exactly when he can come home but the last we've heard is late this week.

He's a poet and I didn't know it!

Pablo couldn't sleep last night (he's been in the hospital since Friday and is probably coming home Wednesday) so he decided to write a poem...

As I sit here the clock strikes twelve,
With lots of thoughts I need not dwell.
It is my wife and children I miss
That make me want to up and drift.
Home as fast as time will allow,
And into bed with them I shall,
Quietly lay till the morning comes,
And a brand new day has begun.
With smiles I'll watch the children rise,
To be greeted by them with much surprise.
Let Julia sleep as she has not,
For Boo and Boy, the flu they caught.
Well off I go to sleep right now,
Wishing this is how it really went down,
But with more tests to do here tomorrow,
Missing the fam, the only thoughts of sorrow.
Only a matter of time before its true,
There I will be at home chez nous!

Now how sweet was that!?!?! Thanks babe and we sure can't wait for you to come home!!!

I told Isabella that she had to stay home from school today because she's too sick and she said,
"If you let me go to school, I promise I won't breathe!"


'Tropical' kids' rooms

I was asked to hunt down some 'tropical' kids' room photos and here's what I came up with...

I found a few photos with wallpaper murals on the walls that had a tropical theme:


kids factory

spearmint baby
 Then I found rooms with some bright tropical colours and patterns:

amy lau design
cottage living

milk magazine


And nothing says tropical like canopy beds with netting for that girly tropical touch...

taverne agency
elle decor
And finally, a little over the top - the treehouse bed:

taverne agency

Ricci, I hope this gives you some ideas. 

For everyone else - I have a huge stash of kids' room photos (thousands...) and sometimes I have a hard time coming up with post ideas (believe it or not) so feel free to email me or leave me a comment of photos you'd like to see.


All sorts of crap

Really I wanted to title this post WTF because I've been asking myself that a whole lot lately. Pablo has been in the hospital since Friday morning. His weird spasm-like symptoms have moved their way up and his chest and neck and even his cheeks are spasming now. No word so far on what the hell is going on. The MRI that he's been waiting for hasn't happened. Weekends are a bad time to be admitted since very little gets accomplished...

Last Thursday, Isabella started getting a cold and it has progressively gotten worse and now she has little voice left and she sounds like crap. Simon was healthy when I put him to bed last night and then just after he fell asleep he woke up crying and woke up every half hour ALL NIGHT LONG. I couldn't quite tell what was wrong with him - nothing obvious - so I thought maybe he had a sore throat. This morning he has a bad cold. and I've wiped his nose a million times.

I figured Isabella would catch something at school (and pass it on within 12 hours to Simon) but I didn't think it would happen this quick. I mean give me a freaking break already.

Pablo, the kids and I really miss you.


Random photo

Since Isabella started school recently, I was thinking that we needed some sort of highly visible calendar to keep track of important dates...



If you love animals and Ikea...

then you have got to watch this video.

A side effect of radiation or all the meds...

Yesterday morning, Pablo woke up and could barely walk. His legs were aching from his hips right down to his toes. From his hips to his knees it felt like muscle spasms and from his knees down it felt like his legs were going to snap in two. He couldn't have his legs touch each other when he was laying down. This leg pain was making him tense up so much that his abdomen is killing him from tightening up for the last 24 hours. Pablo went for his 3rd last treatment yesterday and stayed a few hours longer to discuss this leg pain with his pain specialist and with the oncologist on duty. No one knew why this was happening and the only recommendation was for Pablo to stop taking the Lyrica that he was recently prescribed.

This morning his legs are still quite shaky and he's going to go in for his treatment extra early today so that he can discuss this more with the doctors.One of the nurses drew some blood before we left the hospital yesterday so who knows what that will show...

I had to bring Simon to the hospital yesterday and he was a big hit! Am I ever glad I took this week off work...

UPDATE: Pablo just called and they are admitting him for the next 3-4 days. They've determined that there is something wrong with his kidneys. They want to get to the bottom of the kidney issue and the leg issue. This really sucks.

UPDATE #2: Pablo is going to have an hour long MRI tonight of his head and spine. The doctors want to make sure that he doesn't have a spinal lesion. Did I mention that this really sucks?


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