He's a poet and I didn't know it!

Pablo couldn't sleep last night (he's been in the hospital since Friday and is probably coming home Wednesday) so he decided to write a poem...

As I sit here the clock strikes twelve,
With lots of thoughts I need not dwell.
It is my wife and children I miss
That make me want to up and drift.
Home as fast as time will allow,
And into bed with them I shall,
Quietly lay till the morning comes,
And a brand new day has begun.
With smiles I'll watch the children rise,
To be greeted by them with much surprise.
Let Julia sleep as she has not,
For Boo and Boy, the flu they caught.
Well off I go to sleep right now,
Wishing this is how it really went down,
But with more tests to do here tomorrow,
Missing the fam, the only thoughts of sorrow.
Only a matter of time before its true,
There I will be at home chez nous!

Now how sweet was that!?!?! Thanks babe and we sure can't wait for you to come home!!!

I told Isabella that she had to stay home from school today because she's too sick and she said,
"If you let me go to school, I promise I won't breathe!"



  1. aww, how sweet. :] Hope your little ones get well soon!

  2. Awesome poem!

    Isabella must really love school lol.
    Hope your little kiddies get better soon(sounds like you don't want to be stopping Isabella from going to school for very long haha)

    Hope you get sleep too (praying for your fam.)

  3. Thanks Hollie and Keren. I pray for a fast recovery for the kiddos because there is nothing worse than sick kids. I don't feel so hot either actually...crap...that's all I need right now.

  4. Super sweet. And it's nice that she loves school.

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