the latest around here

I got my hair done yesterday. Thought I'd try something different and a bit edgier so I went with a style complete with a shaved side and I wanted a strawberry blond colour. The colour is dark now but will lighten after a few washes. I love the change.

(still need to scrub the dye off my forehead - OH, and photos courtesy of Isabella - little miss photographer!!!)

And now, a quick update on the others.

Isabella - she just completed 2 weeks of full-time camp. She had a blast but came home really grouchy and tired. What we have to look forward to once full day school starts in September...

Simon - we took Simon to a physiotherapy consult on Wednesday and she confirmed that Simon definitely has low muscle tone. She said this is something he'll have all his life so we need to help him improve his muscle tone. Some things we need to do with him are: get him walking up and down small hills, walking on curbs for balance and to get his feet moving one in front of the other on a narrower area, carry heavy things, take him to parks often to maneuver around the obstacles and we need to help Simon with stairs. Simon often goes down a set of stairs on his bum still so we need to get him to walk down them instead. We also need to get him to practice going up with one foot on each step rather than both on each step. We also bought something to strap to the pedals of a tricycle so that we can strap Simon's feet to the tricycle. We tried this at the appointment - Simon's feet strapped to the pedals of a tricycle - and he was able to ride around the room with no problems. It was so cute to see since he's never been able to keep his feet on the pedals before. The physiotherapist also said that it's better for Simon to play sitting at a table than sitting on the floor. Due to his low muscle tone, when he sits on the floor, he hunches his back and his hips point outward more than normal (already an issue). The physiotherapist will see Simon again in August.

Simon cont' - we also saw a social worker about Simon and she confirmed our views on not putting Simon in school this September. A big reason why I want to keep Simon out of school is that if he is in school, all his therapy is done through the school and the amount of therapy he receives depends on the school's budget. If Simon is not in school, his therapy is done through the children's hospital and they can provide more help than the school ever could. We're now looking at options of playgroups, etc. for Simon for September.

Pablo - spoke to his oncologist last week and was explaining to him how he's been vomiting daily for over a month now. His oncologist is setting up an appointment for him to see an endocrinologist - someone who can hopefully help regulate his system because something is clearly not right. Pablo also spoke to the hospital in Toronto about his upcoming bladder pacemaker surgery and it looks like now it won't be till maybe September...


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