Arlo’s room 2.0

From Arlo's mom Joanna:

Arlo’s room came together in a sort of piecemeal fashion. In the rush of moving in, we opted to repurpose items from his nursery at our old house since he isn’t quite ready for a big kid room yet, and we wanted to stretch what we already had. So we layered in additional artwork, a bookcase and a graphic rug. We wanted to add some more “big boy” things that he is starting to like - dinosaurs, Superman etc. But with all the disparate elements, colors and patterns in the space it started to seem chaotic with the all white walls so we opted to do a two tone look that helps tie everything together.

My favorite part about his room is the abundant natural light it gets, so every morning we open the shades and let it pour in. I’m also in love with our home's coved ceilings and arched doorways - there is something so charming about them in combination with the half painted walls.

wilder design co

Crib, Nightstand, Dresser, bookcase, bench and flush mount: Ikea
Bedding: Ikea + Target
Dino Art: Urban Outfitters
Rug: Crate and Kids (Land of Nod)
Sconce: Schoolhouse


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