Sign Here (life saving signage tips)

(this is a collaborative post and wasn't written by me)

Life’s a funny one. Day to day we go about our business blissfully unaware that we’re all only potentially moments away - or one lapse in concentration away - from a disaster that will require instant action. You can’t stay prepared for absolutely everything at absolutely all times. That would be impossible. But there are ways to minimise risk and increase the chances of averting a “developing situation”, as the news readers so enjoy referring to dangerous and even life threatening situations. Saving the world is quite the feat. Instead, there are things we can do to reduce and even snuff out these so called developing situations. How? Signs. That’s how.

Fire Extinguisher Sign
You might have never been in the situation of requiring a fire extinguisher. Let’s hope that if that’s the case, long may your need to locate such life saving equipment remain at zero. However, small fires become medium fires. Medium fires become large fires. And large fires kill. How long does all this take? That depends on the fuel available to the fire, but in general terms, an average home contains enough flammable possessions to fuel a fire to a near unmanageable size inside two minutes. The entire home can be lost to the flames in under five minutes. Got a fire extinguisher hidden at the back of a cupboard or under the stairs? See this website for ideas on signage that could help to direct anyone to the fire extinguisher in your home within seconds.

Stop Signs
Whenever people talk about stop signs, it’s often to do with congested corners close to schools or play areas. That’s fine and fair enough. But there’s also the small issue of blind corners that cause near-misses each and every single day. Ask any of your friends and everyone of them will tell you about a poorly designed junction that they must use on a daily basis, “you have to be careful, they just fly out of that road without looking, they think they have right of way” - sound familiar? What you need is a stop sign. Aside from reducing the stress of your car journeys, stop signs will help to avoid accidents in areas with a confusing road layout.

Broken Down Vehicles
Speeding vehicles are often the cause of road traffic accidents. But broken down vehicles are likewise a menace to road safety. Obviously , the driver cannot help where and when their vehicle decides to kick the bucket. Breakdowns rarely happen in the final moments of a journey once the car has pulled safely onto a driveway. In fact, breakdowns almost always happen in the worst possible locations, causing maximum disruption to traffic flow. Giving all approaching drivers as much warning as possible is essential. How? A flashing breakdown warning triangle should do the trick. Placed at least 45-50 metres (roughly 150 feet) behind the broken down vehicle, the flashing warning triangle can prepare other road users for what is ahead, thus preventing a tight bottle neck traffic attempting to change lane at the last moment.


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